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Automate the mundane and watch your data dreams come true

So you have a CRM. Great. But I’m guessing there’s more to be desired, and you’re not seeing the ROI you thought you would be. (If you don’t have a CRM, read on anyway, this blog could help you decide if you should get one!)

There are some fundamental challenges that all organisations, no matter their size or buying power, regularly see:

  • There are large gaps in your CRM
  • When there is data in your CRM, it is unreliable
  • Records are either incomplete or outdated
  • Not everyone is a whiz at CRM 

It was supposed to be your single source of truth about your customers. And yet it’s more like a single source of frustration and irritation.

Why aren’t people using their CRM?

The most common issues we’ve heard from employees about why they don’t use CRM to its full capability:

  • They’re busy
  • It’s not incentivised – they’ve not yet seen the benefits
  • They do it but if their colleagues don’t, so where is that 360 view? Why bother?
  • The CRM is already a mess, more data isnt going to help anyone.

So what benefits do your employees see when your CRM is supercharged with data?

  • They can sell more
  • They can sell better
  • They can derive insights from not just their view of the client but the full 360’ view.
  • It opens up their network
  • It becomes their one stop shop for everything. No more trolling emails or messages to find the answer. 

That’s great in theory, but in practice what are the actual benefits?

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What can good data mean to you?

Let’s look at an example recently from one of our clients on having bad data: 

One of our SE’s had a client who wanted to invite their clients to a town hall meeting with the CEO of the company: it took them more than 4 months to get the client data together to identify and invite their clients. They were too reliant on the Sales team, there was no no central reliable database, there was then the time impact. The perception of the CEO not a positive one.

So how can you avoid this situation? Simply automate your data. Take a mundane task away from your employees, avoid human error, let your employees do what they do best.  

Automation to the rescue

You can rely on artificial intelligence (AI) tech and machine learning to scrape all of your client data from readily accessible sources, accurately capturing and automatically entering it all into the CRM.  And it all happens without anybody having to lift a finger.

Introhive has estimated that an individual employee can save 5.5 hours weekly through automation of data. Now imagine your employees time is freed up from the mundane but they now have all the data they need at their fingertips without spending time wading through emails. Dream come true.

Learn more about how Introhive can help automate your business.

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