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Using customer gifts as an opportunity to grow relationships by reflecting your core values

What are your core values? How are these values reflected in the things you do?

At Introhive, we value relationships. Building, growing, and strengthening relationships is at the core of what we do, and we strive to build this into everything we do.

The idea of relationships goes beyond simple one-on-one interaction between people or businesses. Just as important is our relationship with the world around us, including the world itself. We stand for justice, responsibility, accountability, and doing what’s right—another core value we believe in is making a difference.

Opportunities to reflect your values are everywhere

Every business uses the holidays as an opportunity to send a positive message to customers by sending gifts. When it came time to send holiday gifts last year, we decided to go one step further and reflect our values at the same time. 

We chose to grow our relationships with our customers by strengthening our relationship with the Earth. Instead of the usual trinkets of tchotchkes, as part of our holiday customer gifts in 2021 we gave a donation on their behalf to help heal the planet.

As part of our holiday gift package, we included a donation to 4ocean, an organization that helps remove trash from oceans, rivers, and coastlines. Through their Pounds+ progam, we funded the removal of 180 pounds of trash. 

We felt pretty good that instead of giving something that would probably end up one day in a landfill, we gave something to help clean up the Earth’s precious water. Hopefully our customers did too, but at the very least we got to send a message about what kind of company Introhive is: we care about more than just business.

Every little bit helps

In the grand scheme of things, 180 pounds of trash cleaned up isn’t a lot. But we believe that small gestures add up. 

Every time you pick up the phone or send an email to contact someone, that small gesture helps strengthen a relationship. Similarly, every time you do something that helps clean up the planet instead of adding to the mess, that improves everyone’s relationship with our world. Sometimes, you can do both.

Another one of our core values is to do things differently. For as long as we can remember, holiday gifts have always been things like gift baskets, personal items, or swag. We decided to do things differently, and grow our relationships by giving something that made everyone feel good about making a difference. 

What do you value in a company?

If you think it’s important for a company to do more than just do business, you could be a good fit to join our team. Introhive is always hiring, so check out our Careers page to learn more about our values and see if there’s an opening for you.

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