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Customer Intelligence: The Future of B2B Selling

Before the digital revolution, quality service and fair pricing were enough to close deals. Nowadays, 71% of buyers expect personalized service and more than three-quarters will switch brands until they find an experience that matches their expectations.

With loyalty becoming more elusive, the only way to keep your funnel full is to turn data into actionable customer intelligence. This is easier said than done since 91% of CRM data is incomplete, which leaves some pretty big holes for opportunities to fall through.

Introhive’s new Customer Intelligence Cloud helps close the gaps in customer data to deliver a 360-degree view into B2B relationships. These insights make it easier for your organization to find new leads, identify selling opportunities, whilst strengthening customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

What is customer intelligence?

Customer Intelligence delivers actionable insights in an accessible location rather than disparate data separated by siloed departments. Forrester Research estimates that increasing data accessibility by just 10% could generate more than $65 million in additional net income.

Having a central source of truth provides a foundation to help build, measure, and make the most of your greatest asset: relationship capital. With a looming recession on the horizon and voluntary resignations shifting buyers around like hot potatoes, your ability to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders is even more essential to your bottom line.

Those with an eye toward the future are boosting data and analytics capabilities to connect more closely with customers and predict buying behaviors. Recent studies suggest that companies using data-driven practices report above-market growth in the range of 15-25%.

“We used to have 18 different systems with partially filled contact fields and inconsistent reporting. Introhive helped us harness the power of our information to make sure everything that went into Salesforce was perfectly clean. Now, we have a 360-degree view of reliable data with firmwide consistency and predictive analytics.” – Craig Ashton-Chalmers, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

In a world that continues to throw curve balls into the buying process, staying agile is the only way to survive. Investing in customer intelligence will help you track and nurture valuable relationships regardless of departures or economic downturns.   

How can customer intelligence benefit your organization?

Apart from sales funnels always being in flux, the customer journey doesn’t play out in any sort of predictable, linear order. Most B2B buying groups consist of 6-10 decision makers, and 95% circle back on options at least once before making a purchase. Moreover, 52% of customers say the buying cycle has gotten longer due to an ever-expanding pool of options and solutions to choose from. 

Buyers don’t need (or want) more information about what you offer. They’re looking for a supplier who can deliver relevant solutions based on their unique needs. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of B2B buyers want vendors who demonstrate knowledge of their company and offer insights into their problems.

“A dynamic economic environment, a shift in values, and newly expected standards of customers and corporate behavior are rapidly changing the rules of the game. Firms will need to know this new customer intimately if they are to succeed in the new reality.”– Julio Hernandez, KPMG

Customer Intelligence leverages your data to identify gaps in customer needs so sales reps can personalize every interaction and influence purchasing decisions. McKinsey research found that companies leading the charge in personalization generate 40% more revenue.

Benefits of customer intelligence:

  • Increase data quality and accuracy
  • Discover relationships across networks
  • Ensure data security and compliance
  • Find new revenue opportunities
  • Grow existing accounts
  • Maximize customer retention
  • Accelerate buying cycles
  • Track client health and engagement
  • Improve customer experiences

Personalization is especially effective at driving customer loyalty, with 78% saying they are more likely to make a repeat purchase from companies that personalize interactions. Recurring interactions generates more data from which market-facing teams can design more relevant experiences—creating a flywheel effect that keeps customers around for the long haul.

Introhive’s benefits

When it comes to data, most companies end up sitting idly on a gold mine of potential revenue because the sheer volume of information is too much to make sense of. It’s human nature to avoid things we don’t like, and no one wants to manually enter data only to get lost in the deep end of trying to figure out how it all fits together. We get it.

Introhive’s Customer Intelligence Cloud uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to replace mundane tasks that eat up half your work week. This means you get the information you need where and when you need it to turn unproductive activities into a pool of revenue opportunities.

Instead of every contact and conversation adding to your daily grind, Introhive automatically captures data from readily accessible sources—emails, VOIP calls, calendar appointments—and maps it your CRM. Then our fancy algorithms merge and analyze all of this information to deliver real-time insights that help you find selling opportunities, win more deals, and grow existing accounts. 

“I think for the first time, customer intelligence shows how artificial intelligence can work for your market-facing professionals to allow them to deliver a distinctive customer experience by adding value for the customer and for the corporation. The technology is there and now it’s up to the companies who want to embrace it.” – Philip Grosch, Industry Advisor

When you automate the small stuff, you can spend more time on the big things that will keep you ahead of rival vendors stuck in the status quo. Customer Intelligence creates a synchronized sales team armed with reliable information who customers can trust to know who they are, what their needs are, and how to deliver on those needs.

Find new business within your existing network

Build more connections across accounts to find the quickest path to revenue. Companies that adopt customer-centric selling grow 2x faster and are 60% more profitable than the competition.

  • Track role changes and departures to keep deals in motion
  • Identify new market segments with high-closing potential
  • Target untapped opportunities for cross-selling and upselling
  • Reveal who knows who throughout your organization for warm intros and referrals

“It was a constant challenge to have our users remember to track their meetings, calls, and

contacts to the CRM. Our users either saw it as a hassle or simply forgot to do it. After implementing Introhive’s Customer Intelligence platform, our firm saw a 40% increase in client relationships generated and activities tracked, enhancing and adding to our existing client data.” – Neven Bradasevic, Colliers

Win more with trusted insight to close more deals, faster

Accelerate deal velocity and increase win rates with multi-threaded sales and executive alignment. Sales reps using Customer Intelligence to increase collaboration on accounts report a 34% lift in win rate.

  • Receive curated briefing intelligence before client meetings
  • Surface executive-level relationships for strong deal alignment
  • Multi-thread sales opportunities across departments and seniority levels
  • Analyze win rates to promote selling behaviors that get results

“We were able to secure a $250K win with a brand-new client by reviewing Introhive’s connectivity reports. We are improving our visibility into all the connections we have as a firm, and we are able to now show both sales and marketing touchpoints from target to opportunity, measure cost of an opportunity, and so much more.” – Erin Connolly-Kriarakis, CohnReznick

Grow existing customers into lifetime loyalists.

Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability by monitoring coverage and engagement levels. 58% of firms saw a significant increase in retention through Customer Intelligence as a result of enhancing their customer experience.

  • Facilitate seamless account transitions with succession insights
  • Get notified when clients are at risk to improve retention
  • Discover candidates for loyalty programs, advocacy, and references

“Within four hours we were able to cross-sell 300k of new work into an existing account,

increasing the client from under 100k in billable hours to over 400k. Every day I’m asked why Introhive has been a game-changer for the accounting industry. It’s because of everyday revenue-driving use cases like this.” – John Roberts, DHG

Where to stay on your customer intelligence journey

While you can’t predict the future of your pipeline, there’s only one way for customer expectations to go—up. Providing intuitive interfaces, warm transitions across channels, speedy responses, and expertise have become major market differentiators.

High-quality, trusted information about your customers is the essential ingredient to successfully manage and meet growing expectations. Customer Intelligence helps keep your relationships resilient when unexpected changes shake up your sales cycle.

Introhive’s Customer Intelligence Cloud unlocks the power to drill down into the depths of your network.  By combining historical and real-time data from internal and external sources, you can predict what customers want more accurately and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to provide them with relevant solutions.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of reliable data and real-time customer insights? Book a free consultation with one of our Customer Intelligence Specialists to begin your data transformation journey.

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