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Fall in love with your CRM

I know you wanted to fall in love with your CRM, but are you on the verge of breaking up with your customer relationship management (CRM) solution for good? 

Have you been struggling to get the most out of your CRM, but all that time, effort, and money wasted trying to increase your team’s adoption and usage has you pulling out your hair? 

I feel you. But don’t dump your CRM yet, I’ve got solutions—lots of them. 

Fall in love with your CRM

I’ve got the secrets for how to make your sales professionals not only fall in love with your CRM, but also use it in ways they probably never even thought possible. 

The upsides are huge: 

  • Free up loads of time—like, an extra day each week—for your revenue team to focus more on customer relationships
  • Trust your data to be accurate and up-to-date
  • Unlock thousands of relationships you didn’t know you even had warm connections into
  • Use your valuable data to coach your team to do their jobs smarter and more efficiently
  • Grow revenue, relationships, and retention

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, I promise. 

Why you got a CRM in the first place

CRM is a powerful tool when it’s used correctly. Your company made the investment in a CRM believing the promise that it would make sales professionals’ lives easier—allowing them to track client relationships and business activities, manage leads better, and monitor the pipeline effectively. 

CRM, when managed properly, absolutely can drive revenue acceleration through activities like boosting sales productivity, steering strategic growth, and helping nurture leads. You just need to figure out how to get there.

Why your CRM might not be working for you

Chances are, your CRM data isn’t accurate. And that’s a huge problem not only for you but also for everybody who uses a CRM. And that’s pretty much everybody. 

Introhive | only 33 of marketing professionals trust the data in their CRM to make business decisions | Fall in love with your CRM

According to Forbes: “Every year, sales departments lose approximately 550 hours in selling time (the equivalent to 27% of each rep’s total selling time) as a result of poor CRM prospect data.” 

The biggest cause of dirty data is human error. It’s simply not realistic to expect your sales team to spend so much time on data entry, let alone expect they won’t make mistakes when inputting client information. 

These kinds of errors aren’t just an “oops, my bad” sort of thing; they can hurt your revenue, big time. According to Forbes, dirty data “wreaks havoc on a company’s bottom line, costing companies a staggering 12% of overall revenue.” Because of widespread dirty data, it’s been reported that only 33% of marketing professionals trust the data in their CRM to make business decisions.

Another reason your CRM may not be pulling its weight is that your team may simply not be using it right. When left to their own devices, sales professionals may get stuck in a CRM rut, using it ineffectively and for purposes other than what were intended—effectively wasting time and resources. It’s time to fall in love with your CRM and set your sales team up for success through revenue acceleration.

Here’s what your CRM should be doing

First off, to make your sales team fall in love with your CRM, you should design it with the user experience in mind, and make it as easy as possible to use. This means your CRM must: 

  • Support modern, low-friction user experiences
  • Support all forms of mobile devices
  • Provide the right insights and guide the seller to the optimal outcome
  • Not be a burden 

But how can it provide the right insights with all that dirty data? Easy. Clean it up through automation. 

Better living through automation

As stated in a data hygiene best practices piece by Forbes, “manual data cleansing is laborious and uneconomical,” and that it’s “well worth the time and effort to invest in systems that automatically enrich, append, clean, and/or de-dupe data.” 

6 best practices for improving your crm quality

Your team spends an unholy amount of time entering data into your CRM. At least, they’re supposed to. Let’s face it, even the most dedicated among us will sometimes balk at the thought of spending hours typing in customer information. We’ll find something (anything!) else to do, or worse still, we’ll do a half-hearted job and enter data that’s inaccurate or incomplete. 

Data automation takes this mundane busywork off your team’s plate and uses resources like email and calendars to automatically update your CRM. Honestly, it really is that easy.

Automated data input is great, and it is a critical step toward improving your CRM strategy. But it’s only the start. Customer data changes over time as people move to other positions and companies shift. You need to keep up-to-date with all these changes to keep your CRM fresh and accurate. 

Cleansing your CRM data isn’t just a one-time thing. Proper data automation is ongoing, keeping your information fresh and accurate in real-time. After all, only with data kept clean through automation technology can your sales team trust that data for the critical insights they need to implement their revenue acceleration sales strategy.

A fundamental shift in how sales works

Just imagine. Manual data entry is a thing of the past for your sales team. Now, they can spend time doing what they do best—building relationships—using accurate data. 

The insights that are available to your sales team through data automation means they can rely on having 360-degree views of customers through relationship intelligence. Now, CRM insights are finally where they should be: giving your sales team the ability to speak with context and relevance to customers and prospects. 

Unlock your CRM’s true potential 

The capabilities of your CRM are actually more than most sales professionals could even dream up. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies, tools like Introhive’s revenue acceleration platform can actually help slice through the noise and guide you down the right sales path. 

When CRM and Introhive work together, we can pinpoint the activities and opportunities that have the best chance of success, and alert the sales team with recommendations. We can predict the likelihood of success, given the data collected and analyzed in your CRM. With this kind of technology, you can identify high-performance behaviors, and scale your sales coaching to grow revenue, relationships, and retention.

Everybody wins. 

Go deeper into data automation with Don’t Dump Your CRM, Introhive’s guide to how you can fall in love with your CRM. Download it now and begin your journey to a better life through automation.

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