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Five Movie Clips That Will Inspire Your Sales Team

Different things motivate individuals; we are motivated by job satisfaction, money, love, opportunity, and professional acknowledgment. Although we all look for motivation in our own lives, both personally and professionally, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves. We often look for inspiration in and from others.

  1. Rocky
  2. Peaceful Warrior
  3. Boiler Room
  4. Pursuit of Happiness
  5. Any Given Sunday

The key to motivating your sales team is finding the unique factors that drive their performance. Selling is a tough job and can be difficult on our ego, self-esteem, and energy levels. Identifying what excites your sales team, praising them for their accomplishments, and lighting a fire under them can be an effective ways to motivate your team.

Here are 5 movie clips that will inspire your sales team:


Rocky Balboa understands the challenges that life can present. In this clip, Balboa gives an encouraging speech to his son to motivate him to achieve success by taking responsibility for his life and going after what he wants.

Balboa says that life will knock you down and throw you punches and it’s about taking the hits and moving forward. The same can be said in sales; a profession that experiences a variety of challenges from shut downs, hostile customers, aggressive targets and high pressure. Success in sales is achieved when we effectively manage these challenges and move forward, constantly learning and adjusting our approach in an effort to close more deals, improve customer satisfaction and meet our quotas.

Peaceful Warrior

You probably didn’t see “The Peaceful Warrior.” It wasn’t a big box office success like, say, Rudy or Hoosiers, but I think you’ll agree that this motivational movie clip absolutely applies to selling.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about past failures? What about pondering what might eventually go wrong with a prospective deal?

These are natural thoughts, but that doesn’t mean you need to let them occupy your mind. By “taking out the trash,” you push out any thoughts that can hamper you from capitalizing on this very moment. How much more effective could you be if you could clear your mind and reduce every interaction opportunity to its very essence? Just you, the intelligence at your disposal, and the other person.

Boiler Room

This clip reminds us that every sales call results in a sale. Either we’re successful and sell the product or service, or our prospect sells us on why they can’t make the purchase. Remind your team that they are responsible for the sale and take this opportunity to train them on effective approaches to closing every sale.

Pursuit of Happiness

In this scene, Will Smith teaches his son the importance of a dream and believing in yourself. This clip will us to believe in ourselves and our abilities and to protect our dreams. Smith tells his son not to let anyone (including yourself) hold you back from success.

Any Given Sunday

The difference between winning and losing is an inch. The inches we need are everywhere around us. We win as a team or lose as individuals. While this is delivered in the context of football, it’s true for sales professionals as well. We work as a team to meet collective targets. Inch by inch, we need to individually take every opportunity and every inch because that’s when success happens.

Think about your own career; do you work just as hard on every lead or do you spend more effort on some and not others? Do you go outside of your comfort zone when required to close deals, build relationships with leads, or meet new ones? Are you passive in your approach to sales or are you actively pursuing new opportunities?

I get that these are five clips from Hollywood movies and not necessarily best practice for success in sales, but the core of each message is relatable. Use these clips to inspire your sales team both in terms of their approach to sales but also in their drive for success.

Are there any other movie clips that should be added to this list?

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