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Introhive proud to be a Contender in Forrester’s Revenue Operations & Intelligence Wave

Forrester released their 2022 Wave evaluation on Revenue Operations & Intelligence, where Introhive was named a Contender.

We’re pleased to see that Introhive was given the highest possible scores in the Data Management and Supporting Products and Services criteria. 

We believe our position in The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations And Intelligence, Q1 2022  reflects the fact that we have a unique, focused strategy and a current offering that is differentiated from the other vendors in this emerging category. This is a result of our focus on enabling revenue teams that operate in high complexity, high risk selling environments with the customer intelligence they need to find, grow, and win more business. 

This differentiated approach is noted in the Wave evaluation, where the authors state that Introhive’s “commercial strategy focuses on extending the relationship intelligence advantage rather than competing directly with RO&I providers.” It boils down to the fact that we are serving a different kind of sales organization than most sales technology vendors today. Introhive is purpose built for, as Forrester puts it in its report, industries “where sales are complex and relationship influence is high.” 

Customer Intelligence and relationship intelligence delivers value

Our focus on Customer Intelligence with a strong focus on relationship intelligence stems from the well-known fact that relationships, and an organization’s ability to understand and optimize them, plays a critical role in the value and overall experience that organizations are able to deliver to their customers. 

The Wave report echoes the value of the relationship intelligence Introhive delivers to our customers stating that “Reference customers cited the visibility Introhive gave them into previously invisible relationships.” 

The results we deliver are transformational and the value we offer our customers extends beyond the product. Introhive’s entire team, technology, and process is designed to guide our customers along a digital transformation that enables them to create a more effective and efficient revenue operation throughout the customer lifecycle. We believe this is reflected in the fact that we received the highest possible score in the Supporting Products & Services criterion in the Forrester Wave report. 

An honour to be considered a Contender

Being recognized as a Contender in the Wave report is really an honor for Introhive. In our opinion, our position as a Contender is an indicator of the differentiated and disruptive position we’ve established in this market. 

With that said, we are nowhere near being done. We have a rich roadmap packed with innovation that will enable us to further extend the intelligence, and the value that we deliver to our customers. While we value market reports like these, the ultimate measure of success for us is constantly improving the quantifiable value and impact we can have on your business.

For more information you can review the Forrester Wave report.

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