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How Your Firm Can Clean Up Dirty Data without CRM

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is a standard tool in most businesses’ tech stack, but have you ever wondered if it’s possible to clean up dirty data without CRM?

Dirty data is a challenge for every business, big and small. But let’s face it, while CRM is the go-to solution for cleaning up dirty data, it isn’t for everybody. 

The good news is yes, as a matter of fact, your firm can clean up dirty data without CRM. 

CRM are not one-size-fits all

After a bit of research, many small-to-medium-sized professional services firms—legal, accounting, consulting, staffing and recruiting, and the like—find that a full-blown CRM solution doesn’t make sense for them. It’s a significant investment, and sometimes the numbers just don’t add up when it comes to value or ROI.

But without a CRM to maintain accurate customer or client data, how can business development and marketing departments at these firms operate effectively? 

Fortunately, there are alternatives to investing in a CRM that can still help clean up your databases and boost your firm’s business development efforts. Namely, ContactHive.

  1. Manage Contacts and Companies
  2. Maintain Marketing Lists
  3. Leverage Relationship Insights
  4. Support Growth and Scale

David Thomas quotationContactHive: the perfect interim solution 

You don’t need to employ a full CRM solution in order to tap into AI-powered contact management. Through contact management, your firm can maintain a current database of prospects, customers, and associated activities, ensuring that your team can communicate with clients effectively and efficiently. 

Did You Know? When it comes to using a CRM effectively:

  • 62% of users admit to not logging all activities
  • 88% of users admit to entering incomplete contact information (

With so much data mismanagement out there relative to CRM, it’s no wonder that business development professionals end up wasting time with ineffective communication. That’s why Introhive developed ContactHive, a fully integrated, powerful contact management tool that reinforces your firm’s records with advanced “relationship intelligence”. 

This combination of functionalities allows your business development and marketing teams to confidently maintain complete and accurate records with ease. Through AI-powered contact management, unlock who knows who—and how well—across your network, plus create targeted segment lists that are sure to drive successful campaigns across all departments.

Save 3 hours per week!

ContactHive empowers revenue-generating teams with these four major features:

1. Manage Contacts and Companies 

ContactHive creates and updates your firm’s contacts, companies, and associated activities by scanning the connected mail system and calendars. It’s that powerful! 

2. Maintain Marketing Lists

Give your team peace of mind they’re always working with the most up-to-date contacts, activity data, and notes. ContactHive manages and creates marketing lists, allowing for batch import or export at any time.

3. Leverage Relationship Insights

Unlock the value of analyzing your firm’s relationship trends, allowing you to visualize connected colleagues and the strength of their relationships. This information helps create effective strategies for business development teams.

4. Support Growth and Scale

ContactHive is a progressive step toward a seamless migration of your contacts into a CRM, if your firm does choose to go that route. All of the firm’s contacts can easily be exported, and you’ll have confidence that they’re accurate.

Clean up dirty data without CRM 

Think of ContactHive as a proactive move toward implementing a CRM, or just look at it as a solution for cleaning up your firm’s inaccurate data without using a CRM at all. Either way, it’s a tool that will help business development efforts across your entire firm. Contact us today for a demo, or to learn more.

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