Introhive Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award | Introhive Wins 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Award

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What’s new in Q3 2021: The latest features and improvements to Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration platform

New Salesforce Dashboard

It’s been shown that it takes on average eight touchpoints to book a first meeting with a prospect. In other words: activities drive results. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that being data driven is a characteristic of high performing sales teams.

Of course, being data driven is easier said than done. Let’s face it, even keeping track of your calls, meetings, and emails can be a challenge as an individual seller. So how can you keep track of it all? 

Connected to your communication systems, Introhive automatically captures all of your activity data in real time. Although capturing this data is critical to maintaining an accurate historical record of what has taken place with your customers, revenue teams are able to extract even more value when Introhive takes this raw data and turns it into rich insights and analytics.  

In this release, Introhive customers now have access to a prebuilt sales activity dashboard in Salesforce. This new dashboard cuts through the noise of activity data and delivers the signal directly to sales professionals and leaders alike. At a glance, Sales Leaders can get a sense for the type and volume of activities their teams are investing their time in, and individual sellers can keep a pulse on their own activity levels to see where they stand. 

They say what gets measured gets managed, and we hope this new dashboard will help high performing revenue teams optimize activity levels with ease. 

Business Intelligence Workbooks

Understanding your data provides your team with powerful capabilities. Your success lies in the ability of your people to understand your data and use it to make better decisions. The faster you can make sense of your data by transforming it from information to insights, the further you and your team can go. Introhive’s business intelligence workbooks are designed to give you and your teams a head start in this race. 

Introhive’s business intelligence workbooks are designed to provide your people with easy to understand ways to build out powerful visualizations to drive revenue, relationships, and retention. The first workbook provides teams with a Global View of Relationships, arming you with a clear map of your entire company’s relationship capital. This data is instrumental in helping your team make warm introductions and identify the gaps between you and your customers. Organizations that want to see the bigger picture as it relates to their relationships will be able to use this tool to make choices that drive their business forward. 

Our Contact Analysis Dashboard helps your team understand your relationship with other organizations by giving you insights on the depth and breadth of your connections across companies, departments, and job seniority. This visualization will help you understand the level of engagement you and your team have with your prospects, partners and customers so you can pinpoint areas of influence as well as those that might need more time and attention. 

If you’ve ever wondered exactly where you and your team are investing their time and how productive that time is, our Activities Dashboard provides you with a better understanding of what you and your team are doing to build stronger relationships across teams and organizations. This dashboard is excellent for identifying where the balance of your activities are being distributed, so you spot trends, mitigate risks, and optimize your allocation of resources. 

However valuable, these dashboards merely scratch the surface of what’s possible by incorporating Introhive data into your business intelligence strategy. Want to learn more about the art of the possible? Check out this whitepaper that walks through a few of the visualizations you can create and insights you can glean by analyzing Introhive data in your BI tool of choice!

New Integration: Sigma Lifecycle Manager

We’re excited to announce the official release of our integration with Upper Sigma’s Sigma Lifecycle Manager! This integration will benefit Legal and Professional Services customers who want an out of the box, Salesforce platform-based solution that will enable them to gain a true 360 view of their business relationships. Want to learn more about the combined value of Introhive and Upper Sigma? Learn more here

Cleanse Merge & Archive on Dynamics 365 CRM

Prior to this release, Introhive’s Cleanse for Microsoft Dynamics facilitated two of the most common challenges that companies face when it comes to contact data quality management: ensuring known contacts are entered into the CRM, and proactively updating outdated contacts with the latest data. 

In addition to Introhive’s Populate and Update features, we’ve added two new capabilities that will empower customers to declutter their CRM systems with ease : 

First is Merge, which enables customers to identify and de-duplicate contact records in CRM. Second is Archive, which can surface and remove old, stale contact records enabling companies to focus on the relationships that truly matter to your organization.

Your CRM is only as valuable as the data that it contains. With the addition of Merge and Archive functionality, Cleanse is now a one stop shop for contact data quality management, ensuring contacts are evergreen and ready to be leveraged by the entire organization.  

The Intelligence Panel enables you to easily access contact and account intelligence without leaving your inbox or calendar. To make it even easier to access intelligence for your target contacts, we’ve added search to the intelligence panel. With searchability, you can now look up contacts and view related insights directly within your workflow!


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