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Introhive now has an Operational Excellence team

Before we get into detail, we want to put a stake in the ground that this will remain one of our favorite posts because of what it represents – smart people given permission to do great things and make effective change.

Introhive has assembled a team of subject matter experts to build out the first operations team to not only create change in how the company operates but to make sure it is effective, cost-efficient and most importantly benefits the company and our customers.

If you or your company are close to the same stage in growth, or if you’re even thinking about it, this blog and webinar series is for you. Over the course of the next year, the Operational Excellence team at Introhive will share real-time best practices, lessons learned, and what success looks like. 

Additionally, we will provide resources as we go, including…ourselves. That’s right, as part of this series, we are available to anyone who wants support. There is no reason anyone should have to go off course when we are more than willing to help, so use us as your personal sounding boards! We have five amazing team members to bounce your questions or idea off or to even build your community of Operational experts.

Not sure if you’re ready for an Operational Excellence team? There are moments in every growth organization when the need becomes apparent. This first blog post is going to cover the what, why and when organizations like Introhive establish Operations.

What is an Operational Excellence team?

These are your company’s problem solvers, doers, internal connectors, and breakers of things. This is the team that will act as an internal consultancy, see at a high level what is not working, how to fix it, give you the blueprints and move on to the next problem to solve.

Why do you need an Operational Excellence team?

Strategic alignment, organizational efficiency, accountability, and process improvement. Breaking things, fixing things, questioning things. This team is the health gauge on the validity of your business.

When do you need an Operational Excellence team?

Always. Even if it is just one person who lives and breathes all things, people, process and technology. They will know the health and wellbeing of your company in these three layers. They are your eyes and ears of the organization with impact and authority and are the people who will look at your company not only now but will also look to the future. These are the unicorns in your organization, they are hard to find and even harder to keep.

So what’s next?

Now that you understand the what, why and when of creating an Operational Excellence team, next we’ll dive into how. Our next post will dive into how Introhive’s Operational Excellence team is organized, and why we’re doing things differently than your typical SaaS set up. Stay tuned!

Meet the Operational Excellence team at Introhive:

Eric Goldwater – Eric has almost 20 years of financial experience and 6 years of operational experience working across organizations to help them scale at a rapid pace. Beginning his career with EY and Microsoft, he has applied key learnings from those organizations to benefit smaller, high-growth SaaS and services businesses over the last 10 years. Eric joins a stellar group that shares a common passion to drive the strategy of the company in pursuit of its financial goals and create a culture of continuous improvement. Driven by the belief that simpler is always better – and with a constant focus on bottom-line results – he is unwavering in his focus on building high-performance teams and producing best-in-class results for all company stakeholders. 

Alicia Cowan – Has over 17 years of experience in operations beginning her career at Xerox Canada using lean six sigma principles to improve operations efficiency. Moving on to PwC where operations transformation was used to support the leadership and transform and grow the Tax practice. Now she is taking all that experience and embedding technology solutions with it to help transform a Canadian SaaS company – Introhive. She has the distinct pleasure of leading a group of phenomenal operations-minded individuals who are aligned with the strategy, vision and future success of the organization.

Linda Zhou – With over 10 years of operation and financial experience including her previous role in Operations for Consulting practice at PwC focusing on using data analytics to create efficiencies and process improvements.  She is excited to be part of the strategically aligned team in optimizing this experience and knowledge to bring operations efficiency to clarify, simplify and unify.

Maddy Fleagle – Maddy has over 8 years of experience building, executing, and analyzing B2B marketing strategies. Now Director of Marketing Operations for Introhive, she’s focusing her efforts on data-driven consulting, process creation and improvement, and marketing strategy. Recently, she accepted the opportunity to join Introhive’s Operational Excellence team, where she is fortunate enough to work alongside equally passionate colleagues, all dedicated to driving alignment & growth across the global organization. 

Curtis Hamilton – With 18 years working, coaching and excelling in all levels of Sales, Customer Experience as well as Revenue Enablement with fortune 500 companies, Curtis has a deep understanding of process alignment and what it takes to scale an organization with speed.  After running his own consulting firm for years he chose the technology path, which has led him to Introhive. Curtis is certified in Revenue Architecture and was honored to be named Introhive’s Operations + Enablement person of the year in 2021.  Curtis is thrilled to make the shift from our Director of Revenue Enablement to our Director of Go-to-Market Operations and feels extremely proud and fortunate to be part of the Operational Excellence team.

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