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4 ways sales tech benefits buyers, not just sellers

Who do you think sales tech benefits?

For many people, when they think of sales tech they think the primary beneficiary is sellers. I mean, it makes sense: as a revenue leader, your top mandate is to drive revenue by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sellers. But Introhive thinks of things slightly differently. We believe the sales tech that results in the best sales outcomes is the technology that results in the best buyer experience.

A recent presentation featuring Forrester hosted by Introhive reinforced this thinking. 

The best buyer experience brings the best sales outcomes

Throughout the presentation, Forrester Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin referred not just to how sales tech benefits sellers, but more so how it enables sellers to provide a better experience to buyers. The reality is, If your sales tech doesn’t do that, if it doesn’t empower sellers to provide more value to buyers, then ultimately it isn’t going to move the needle on sales. 

There are a number of ways that sales tech can provide engagement insights that lead to a better buyer experience:

  1. Improving engagement response time
  2. Increasing size of stakeholder engagement
  3. Improving quality of stakeholders engaged
  4. Improving quality of discovery

Improving engagement response time

Engagement insights can show you your cadence with prospects and customers. Are you responding to them in an appropriate amount of time? Sales tech can track these engagement levels automatically so you can keep a pulse on the strength of your relationships and engagement levels to ensure they’re progressing. 

Increasing size of stakeholder engagement

Are you engaging with the appropriate number of stakeholders in an opportunity? Gartner research shows that buying groups average 11 active members. Sales tech can be used to ensure you’re properly multithreading and establishing the influence and trust that is required in today’s B2B buying environment. Imagine the experience you could provide to buyers if you’re demonstrating and proving the value that your products or services can provide across their organization. 

Improving quality of stakeholders engaged

Another thing to consider is are you even engaging with the right person? Is there an established warm relationship that can get your foot in the door? Do you have executive alignment and are you engaged with the appropriate decision makers and influencers? These are all questions that sales tech can support. 

Improving quality of discovery

A final example is discovery. Have you conducted research about the prospect and their company? Sales tech can enable you to prepare and tailor your solution and maximize value delivery by directly addressing their needs. This process of pre-discovery fuels richer conversations that get to value faster. 

Sales tech benefits everyone

These are just a few of the ways sales tech can empower sellers to deliver better buying experiences. Sales tech should enable sellers to be consultative and strategic. It should put customers first. “just a vendor” to an advisor. 

I think as both sales tech vendors and as sales practitioners and leaders, we need to change the way we think of sales tech and focus on that: how is it empowering not just a better experience for the seller, but ultimately, how does it empower the sellers to be consultative, strategic so they can provide a better experience to their prospect or customer? If we get that right, the sales will follow. 

Want to dive deeper on the topic? Watch the entire webinar and get the full picture. 

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