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What is it like to be part of a Hive?

 When I started my new Introhive job back in September, I introduced myself to new colleagues with: 

 “I have been a client twice and I was not willing to stand on the sidelines for a third time.” But really what I should have been saying was “Long time listener, first time caller.”

Long time listener, first time caller

I had been an Introhive client twice, you see, and both times the results of their product were exactly what the organizations I worked for needed. Their software was not only the solution, it was key to corporate transformation. 

Imagine IT being easy to implement but having massive cultural impacts. Once implemented the domino effect is outstanding: clean data, data driven decision capabilities, understanding relationships and leveraging them. 

This is where I really get excited. 

Making a CRM work the way it should

Introhive is not a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), Introhive makes a CRM work. It is an augmentation that leverages relationship insights for data driven decision making.

 In my client experience, I met many Introhive employees. They were there as customer support agents but more importantly they were key consultants to transformation. Now you understand why I just could not just be a client for a third time….I wanted to be part of moulding this amazing product, part of building its future. I needed to be a part of it and not just sitting on the outside looking in.  

Why was I tired of looking in from the outside? 

You need to understand the impact of Introhive that I experienced twice as a customer:

  • Ease of software technology implementation for both users and for internal operations to facilitate
  • Changing the way CRM’s are used by augmenting what a CRM is capable of, allowing for it to be more readily adopted and thought of as a useful tool
  • True Data Integrity taking what is current and with the ease of artificial intelligence augmenting it, gone are the days of manual updates and all the past time invested in doing so
  • Mapping and leveraging relationships, taking warm introductions and leveraging referrals all based on data
  • My personal favourite is the cultural shift by clean data making data driven decisions, understanding relationships and leveraging them for upselling, cross setting and smart client connections. Sky’s the limit!

Career vs aspiration

When it comes to my career, I have been very particular about the companies that I have decided to work for and for how long. I created a comfortable portfolio for myself but started to feel that I had missed out on the “innovation swarm.” 

Thinking in terms of a “swarm,” what it really comes down to is a group of bees who come together, work together, and focus and collaborate towards a common goal: the hive. 

What I needed in my career was to find that swarm of people in a company who are all headed in the same direction, who were looking to make something spectacular but with not a lot of fanfare along the way just results. Quality people and quality work, with massive impact.

Joining the ‘Hive

As a new Introhive employee, this is the sweetest of opportunities. That swarm—a beehive full of activity—has brought me quality people, quality work, and a massive impact on my new home and I can’t wait to contribute. 

Alicia Cowan joined Introhive in September, 2021 after having worked for two different organizations who experienced huge benefits after implementing Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration platform. She’s now Senior Director of Operational Excellence in Sales, and killing it in the ‘Hive.

To find out if your company can find the same success with Introhive, let’s talk. To see if there’s a place for you in the ‘Hive, check out our job openings.

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