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Why are lost socks like missing client data?

Client relationship data is a lot like socks.

No, really. Stick with me on this. 

We’ve all experienced the mystery of missing socks. We joke about the dryer eating them, that they unravelled, or maybe evaporated? Some of us like a classic white or black sock. Some of us go for crazy colors. However it happens, whatever they look like, they’re our socks, and losing them can be frustrating. 

So how do we go from some socks to customer data? Well, take a look at the similarities. 

They both get thrown into a pile, be it a laundry basket or a CRM. They both get spun around then managed by a bunch of people. They get dirty easily. They get holey. And sometimes, they just get left somewhere and never actually make it into the pile. 

And there’s something else lost socks have in common with missing customer data: there are experts in both of them.

Listen to the experts

A team of scientists from have investigated the missing sock phenomenon. We as humans manage to lose an average of 15 socks a year—honestly, I thought it’d be higher. These foot fabrics get stuck in the laundry drum, sucked in the water waste hose, or lost before they even see the laundry cycle. They’re the sock experts.

We’re the customer data experts. 

Introhive | Untitled 200 x 300 | Why are lost socks like missing client data?

Introhive has recovered a lot of missing client data since our inception in 2012. In our investigation, we’ve discovered that a staggering average of 7,000 unseen contacts live in the  inboxes across a team of 20.

Who are they? They could be your sparkly gold sock or they might be a holey running sock, but either way they’re valuable additions to your CRM sock drawer. Understanding the complete collection of communications within an account, from Executives to Coordinators, helps to pinpoint opportunities for growth and how to navigate retention. 

Nobody likes doing the laundry

Managing day to day tasks like logging notes and updating records is a lot like finding all of your socks and matching them up. It’s mundane and you don’t really want to do it. You know you can manage if you don’t do it, but you also know it’s better to get it done. 

If only there was a robot to do the laundry for you.

Fortunately, there sort of is a robot to handle your customer data. Artificial intelligence, anyway.

Introhive’s AI-powered Revenue Acceleration platform sorts, matches and protects your socks. I mean, your client or prospect data. It’ll never get lost ever again. We organize your client data to show you who is most engaged and with whom. If the communication takes a dip, we will warn you about any risk of losing that connection. 

We are the ultimate sock drawer organizer.

Your leadership’s socks!

Leadership is often well connected with other leadership; they wear the premium socks and we don’t want to go losing a pricey pair. Leadership communicates with many people on the daily, from old college friends to professionals they’ve met at conferences.

Introhive catches your relationship data, like your dryer drum catches your missing socks. Introhive uncovers relationship data like a dog would sniff out your sock in the couch cushions. 

Finding the match for your missing customer data

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a basket full of plain socks, tasked with finding which socks belong to each other. Where do we start? Looking at wear and tear will only get us so far. 

This can be how it feels when you’re trying to find your way into a prospect account or to understand the relationship a client has with your team. 

At Introhive, we take out the need to spend time cross-referencing tabs by using data to paint the picture of your warm way “IN” to an account. Once that account is won, we help track engagement to identify where the client finds most value in your team’s services. Everyone loves a pair of warm socks.

Re-pair your client data to become solemates!

So maybe you’ve got missing data, fear not; what was lost can be found! And you don’t have to spend the endless hours manually digging deep into that deep in the abyss of your CRM/email to find it.

With the flip of a switch, you can have your client data centralized, paired, and chock full of warm opportunities. Discover how.

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