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Why Sales Kits Matter and What’s in Mine

Brochures. Sell sheets. One Pagers. Not very sexy stuff for marketers these days. A lot of marketers tell me that they really only have a “deck” and website and the other stuff doesn’t really matter. If they’re selling to enterprise customers they’re wrong. A well executed sales kit is essential to B2B sales success and scale.

Sales tools provide confidence consistency and credibility.

Here’s what I mean:

Confidence: Materials that work and have good messaging give sales people confidence. Confidence that the company has their back and that they can focus on selling not building decks and proposals.

Consistency: Good materials support and reinforce messaging that sales people adapt to each meeting and conversation. They also provide structure to demos and presentations so that messaging is covered.

Credibility: It’s not just about looking polished and on par with the big companies you compete with it’s about providing credibility for your buyer. After the sales call your materials get shared with their colleagues to build support.

So what’s in mine? Decks, demos, 2 pagers and videos. Decks get used everyday and we keep a couple versions of varying lengths. We build and script demos so that we have a structure in presentations and meetings. I love simple PDFs that are easily shared among clients. Lastly is video. We use short video a lot because it’s easily passed around within a prospect’s company. Now your turn. What’s in yours?

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