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Introhive for HubSpot

Introhive’s native HubSpot integration empowers firms to automate contact data capture and maintenance to boost productivity, ensure data accuracy and reliability.
Whether you use HubSpot Sales or Marketing Hub, the integration can be configured within minutes for a comprehensive and up-to-date record of your Introhive contacts in HubSpot.

Transform your HubSpot data management strategy

Introhive’s Relationship Intelligence Platform automates contact data capture and enrichment, unlocking the deep understanding of a firm’s entire network of relationships required to drive collaboration, increase revenue, and optimize the client experience.

Now fully compatible with HubSpot, Introhive eliminates time-consuming, costly and reactive manual contact entry and maintenance, fuelling HubSpot with a complete and accurate record of contact data.

We work with the world’s leading CRMs

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Put Data Entry
on Autopilot

Seamlessly synchronize contact data from Introhive into HubSpot using a configurable rule-based engine, ensuring only the most relevant data for your business gets captured.
Enhance the effectiveness of HubSpot by creating a complete and accurate record of contact data. 
Relieve your client-facing teams from the burden of manual data entry and empower them to reinvest time in revenue-generating activities. 
Smart Sync 1@2x
Enrichment 1@2x

Automatically Maintain Contact Data Integrity

Safeguard HubSpot from data decay and automatically maintain the integrity of your contact data with Introhive’s best-in-class data enrichment sources.
Choose to let Introhive automatically update all of your contacts for a completely hands off process, or configure rules for which contacts you want to manually review or ignore.
Set rules based on data source, title, relationship score or the field being updated to match your unique data management needs.

Insights in your Flow of Work

Surface and interact with the right relationship intelligence data, at the right time, in the right context.
Experience a deep integration beyond just webpages, supporting high-use platforms like LinkedIn and HubSpot for an experience like no other.
Quickly access corresponding pages in Introhive to dive in deeper, or access other workflows like Integrated Analytics or Relationship Maps. 

Maximize Marketing & Business Development
effectiveness with a comprehensive record of contact
data in HubSpot

Maximize the ROI of Your CRM Investment

Improve the quality and quantity of HubSpot data to fuel reporting and analytics, while eliminating adoption challenges and human error with fewer resources.

Drive Productivity and Performance

Automate data entry and maintenance to free up valuable time so your team can focus on revenue-generating tasks and nurturing relationships.

Operations & Leadership
Improve Decision-Making

Ensure teams across your business are equipped with accurate, complete, and reliable data to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.

Fuel Effective Marketing Campaigns

Access accurate contact data for targeted campaigns and personalized communications. Capture 300+ contacts on average per user.

Boost productivity, streamline workflows, and unlock the full potential of your HubSpot investment with Introhive for HubSpot.

Hear what our clients are saying!

Introhive | stars | Hubspot Integration

“It was always a fight to get people to enter data into CRM; with Introhive the fight stops because low value work goes away. Instead of doing low level data entry tasks, the team can refocus their efforts and find ways to actually utilize the data for new sales opportunities. Before Introhive I faced an uphill battle for adoption.”

  • Jeff AntayaJeff Antaya,
    Managing Director
Introhive | stars | Hubspot Integration

“Introhive provides insights and updates into client relationships that would otherwise take countless research hours to obtain. They are easy to work with and easy to integrate with other platforms to better leverage the information.”

  • Christy WChristy W,
    Chief Operating Officer
Introhive | stars | Hubspot Integration

“The time that I had to allocate daily to admin has gone down by 30 – 60 minutes since we implemented Introhive. It takes tasks like account and contact creation and does them for me; even more importantly, it’s accurate. I have used other products in the past that offer time saving; however, I have not seen or used one that does it this well and passively.”

  • Christopher OChristopher O,
    Enterprise AE

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Discover how Introhive can help your organization establish a complete and accurate record of contact data to fuel growth and success.

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Streamline Contact Management with Introhive for HubSpot


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