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AAM Annual Summit 2018

Post-Event Update:

AAM’s Annual Summit was a great success! We enjoyed contributing to the theme of “Think Fresh!” by demonstrating how Introhive solutions can put a fresh spin on relationship intelligence. Look for us at Winning is Everything in Las Vegas in 2019!

May 14-18, 2018

Introhive is looking forward to sponsoring the Association for Accounting Marketing’s Annual Summit in Portland, OR this May! Visit our booth to learn more about how Introhive is helping accounting firms “Think Fresh!” with their relationship intelligence and CRM processes.

From the event organizers:

AAM hosts one major summit each year that typically takes place in May or June. The conference is designed to provide educational events through keynote speakers and breakout sessions featuring sole presenters, co-presenters and panel presentations. However, most attendees come for the networking…

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