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Personal, Productive, & More Intelligent – A WPC 2015 Recap

Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)

Last week Microsoft held its annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, Florida. Over 14,000 packed into the Orange County Convention Centre to see, hear, and experience Microsoft’s vision for the future. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage to explain how Microsoft and their partners will “transform the business world for the next era”. Nadella says this will be done by:

  • Creating more personal computing
  • Reinventing productivity and business processes
  • Continuing to build, strengthen, and evangelise the intelligent cloud

At the top of the list is the imminent release of Windows 10 – the operating system that Microsoft hopes will power everything from traditional computers, phones, and tablets to Surface Hubs ( think: boardroom conferencing and collaboration), Raspberry Pi controllers for Internet-of-Things devices, and HoloLens – Microsoft’s holographic computing hardware. Nadella said Windows 10 will enable users to interact with it in the “most natural way” and they will be able to speak to it, touch it and use it seamlessly in their personal and professional lives.

Reinventing productivity and business process means having information tailored and proactively delivered exactly for the task at hand. Introhive embodies this concept by delivering key relationship intelligence, where and when you need it – in Outlook, where you work.

Business applications like Dynamics CRM are evolving to be systems of intelligence. Information will be shared across teams through systems like Office 365 Delve and GigJam, and be at users fingertips through the integration of Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. Nadella emphasized that it is imperative that data be converted into actionable intelligence. It’s more important than ever that data going into systems like CRM is as complete and accurate as possible.

Find out how Introhive can help ensure your CRM data is as accurate and complete as possible while providing  your sales team with timely relationship intelligence. Request your demo today.

We look forward to the WPC coming to Toronto in 2016

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