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[Live Webinar] How to Get High-Quality Sales Referrals

June 18th: Join us for our custom webinar with JB Sales!

JB Sales June 18th Introhive

How to Get High-Quality Sales Referrals You Can Use to Your Advantage

Sales referrals are things everyone wants but no one wants to ask for.

But getting referrals can be a major source of new business for you – and asking the right way is easier than you think. This webinar, sponsored by Introhive, unlocks the nuances of the referral ask: what to say, when to say it, and how to say it without sounding cheesy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The best times to put forward the ask
  • How to understand nuances of referrals and put them to work for you
  • How to ask and not sound cheesy
  • The methods you can use to set yourself up for success
  • Tools that enable more warm introductions that lead to more referrals

Hear from JB Sales, SmartBug Media and The Harris Consulting Group as they delve into the importance of sales referrals and their quality.

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Time: 12 PM EDT / 5 PM BST

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