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[Webinar] Marketing Executive Roundtable

June 22nd: Join us for our first ever marketing executive roundtable!

Marketing Executive Roundtable: Is Your Marketing Team Evolving as Fast as Your Technology?

According to, the number of Martech solutions has grown by 5,233% over the past decade. Across multiple industries and company sizes, marketing leaders are expected to continue to embrace technology to better serve their target market while ensuring their teams are able to adopt the same tech to reach and exceed their goals.

Join Introhive as they host a discussion to explore the role technology plays within marketing teams while looking at how leaders can help facilitate both the adoption and engagement of new processes and tools. This candid conversation will look at what is keeping leaders up at night and a discussion around the trends and solutions tech provides to solve them.

You won’t want to miss hearing from Introhive’s EVP Marketing, Bart Molenda and the CMOs at Electric, Auvik and Proposify!

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Time: 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST

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