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Introhive | url 8 | Selling has evolved

Selling has evolved

Introhive | url 8 | Selling has evolved

You know that. We know that. And every good sales professional knows that.

Between social selling, customer relationship management, big data and extensive hiring processes – there are billions of dollars spent each year trying to optimize relationships with employees, vendors, partners and clients. For example, recently commissioned studies from Gartner indicated that 60% of North American organizations express intent of increasing their spend on public cloud services and SaaS systems for managing client relationships.

We wanted to know just how well this investment in social, CRM, data and? hiring was playing out. Specifically, we wanted to know whether or not the ?increase in social networks was actually making selling easier. Has social media ?really made an impact on sales? And how are businesses managing and hiring in this new world of technology?

We commissioned a research study to better understand the landscape of selling in the modern age. Our survey asked questions of sales reps and sales managers in a variety of different B2B businesses. Each of these companies had over 250 employees with some working the field while others were inside sales focused. To ensure we captured insights and opinions from a diverse group we looked at professions who were at various different stages in their career.

Our research shows that if one thing hasn’t changed in sales, it’s the importance of relationships. Through our study and various insights throughout this eBook you will be better understand how to navigate your sales efforts in the modern age.

Here are some key insights you will gain from this ebook:

  • How is Social Media impacting the Sales Process?
  • How has technology impacted lead generation strategies?
  • Is Cold Calling as Effective still an effective Sales Tactic?
  • How important is Prospecting in the modern age?
  • What are the most important characteristics for sales hires?

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