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Seminar: Driving Digital Business Transformation with PwC

23 January 2019

Introhive is pleased to partner with PwC to bring the “Driving Digital Business Transformation with PwC” Seminar to Dubai on 23 January 2019.

The objective of business transformation is to align people, processes and technology with strategy, purpose and vision. But what does this mean in the context of business development? This session is intended to cut through the noise and get right to the heart of what drives a successful sales transformation.

 This event will provide useful insights to those who are already on, or about to embark on, their own sales transformation journey.

Learn more and register to attend: Driving Digital Business Transformation Seminar 



Marcy Grossman
Consulate General of Canada




Rav Hayer
Partner – Financial Services, PwC UK





Abu Amin
Director, PwC





Faisal Abbasi
General Manager & VP, Introhive