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[Webinar] Unlocking Data with the Power of BI Tools

Wilson Allen & Introhive Webinar February 24th

February 24th: Join us for our webinar with Wilson Allen!

Data, a 4-letter curse word to some, or their best friend; what data is to you depends on the state of which it lies in your CRM and how you use it.

No matter the industry, professionals in business services firms all face the same challenges when it comes to CRM data:

1) How do I keep it clean and up-to-date? and

2) What the heck do I do with it now that it’s enriched and accurate?

Join Introhive and Wilson Allen on February 24th as we do a deep dive into data and how you can glean meaningful insights to drive your firm forward. We will discuss such topics as:

  • How to obtain robust and accurate data without burdening your busy  professionals
  • Making sense of, and make better decisions from mashing separate data (billings, CRM, relationships and marketing)
  • The power of measuring client engagement
  • And More!

You won’t want to miss out on this informational event.

Time: 11 AM CDT / 5 PM GMT

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