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[Virtual Event] CREtech: Business Intelligence Summit

CRETech Business Intelligence Summit Jan. 2021

January 26-29: Join us as we sponsor CREtech’s Business Intelligence Summit!

From the event:

The Business Intelligence Summit will bring together thousands of the world’s biggest landlords, owners, developers and brokers to discuss how the real estate industry can become more data driven.

Discussions will begin with an introduction to the world of real estate data, ML and AI before delving into topics including cyber security, predictive analysis, ensuring health and wellness in the workplace, digital twins, location data and much more. Attendees will also gain best practices for developing a data management plan for your business, with case studies and insights from other industries such as Fintech.

The BI Summit is part of the Reimagining Real Estate Virtual Event Series presented by CREtech.

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT each day

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