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[Virtual Event] ‘Wine Down’ 2020 with Introhive, Salesforce, Outreach & Sendoso

December 8: Join us to ‘Wine Down’ 2020!

Marketers. The not-so silent ninjas that work in the background.

The strategists, the event planners, the brand gurus, the product inventors, the lead generators, (& the ones who crack the whip when our hard-earned leads are left forsaken), the lead nurturers, the PR mavericks, the pipeline motivators.

Know what fellow marketers… YOU deserve to wind down (or wine down ;)).

Join us on December 8th as we discuss the marketing lessons learned in 2020 and a few WFH mishaps that will leave you smiling. There are prizes to be earned and you won’t want to miss this inspiring event as you plan for 2021.

Time: 12:00 AM EST

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