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[Virtual Roundtable] Harnessing Relationship Data for Revenue Growth

October 27: Join us as we host Wilson Sonsini, LBMC and Bird & Bird in our latest roundtable discussion!

Relationships are important in life. They make us feel safe, secure and help us deal with life’s many challenges. Although crucial in your personal life, relationships from a business perspective are equally as important. Having a network of relationships, you can rely on (both peers, mentors and customers) will help you grow and retain your current portfolio.

Join us as we take a look at how relationships really impact your firm.

Join this roundtable to learn:

  • How teams are using relationship data to drive revenue growth
  • How relationship data impacts business intelligence and analytics
  • How to better attend to your clients’ needs and maintain and grow your key relationships
  • The method to uncover relationship data

Webinar time: 10:00-11:00 AM CDT

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