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[Webinar] 3 Warning Signs Your Deal Is In Danger

JB Sales Webinar May 19

May 19th: Join us for JB Sales’ public-facing webinar presented by Introhive, Salesforce, Proposify, Chili Piper & SalesLoft!

3 Warning Signs Your Deal Is In Danger

Every sales deal gone bad has warning signs that a vigilant rep can spot…if they know what to look for.

Diving into the data can reveal the signposts that point to a lower probability of success, ranging from low email velocity to talking about pricing at the wrong time. If you use metrics to gauge the health of your deal, you can increase your chances and your win rate.

What You’ll Learn:

  • One metric to focus on that gives a big-time boost to buyer engagement
  • Why you need a more subtle, nuanced touch with pricing and how to do it
  • What to do when buyers bring up your competition and what it means (hint: not always what you think)

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Time: 12 PM EDT / 5 PM BST

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