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[Webinar] Fireside Chat with Josh Vesely, SVP Randstad: The Future of Tech in Staffing & Recruiting

April 13th: Join us for our exciting virtual fireside chat with Randstad!

Diverse. Fast. Data Driven – that is how your strategy has to be in the recruitment space, especially given our current climate.

Working in staffing and recruitment is hard work, what you’re selling and working with is often the most unpredictable trade-able asset…people!

From top clients switching jobs and contacts changing in the blink of an eye, to your busy professionals just not having the time to input data into CRM or prep for client meetings, CRM data is decaying at a rapid pace and technology changes just as rapidly.

Join us, as we have an engaging and no nonsense Q&A with Joshua Vesely, SVP, Randstad around the hustle factor of recruitment and the high tech his team is using to crush their goals.

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Time: 11 AM CDT / 5 PM GMT

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