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[Webinar] Introducing Introhive Productivity Intelligence

April 21: Join us for this webinar featuring our CEO & Co-Founder, Jody Glidden, VP Sales Innovation Technology, Adam Stewart and Product Marketing Manager, Julie Taylor.

We’re excited to be hosting the webinar “Introducing Introhive Productivity Intelligence.”

In today’s uncertain economic climate, organizations have been forced to examine processes and practices with a new lens, in hopes of adapting to the fast-changing environment. To help companies solve this myriad of new challenges, we’ve been busy developing solutions designed to help sales teams increase the productivity and efficiency of their distributed teams.

We’re excited to introduce Productivity Intelligence, a suite of products that leverage custom-built AI models and your company’s historical data to quickly navigate future opportunities and accelerate sales cycles. With on-demand insight into activity trends, next best action, and predictive deal scoring, your team is armed with data-driven strategy, liberating their ability to deliver.

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