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[Webinar] Unlock the Power of Business Relationships with Introhive

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August 27, 2019

Join Adam Stewart, Director of Sales Innovation Technology and Daniel Dowling, Director of Marketing for the webinar “Unlock the Power of Relationships” to learn more about how organizations are using data automation and relationship intelligence to increase employee productivity, revenue, and competitive advantage.

Join this webinar on Tuesday, August 27 at 11:00 A.M CDT to:

1. Explore how relationship intelligence increases revenue
2. See how data automation can free up 12+ hours of time per week
3. Increase data quality in CRM with AI-powered automation

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About Introhive:

Introhive is the leading relationship intelligence and sales automation platform for enterprise. Customers across an array of roles and industries—from legal to accounting to commercial real estate and beyond—use Introhive’s automated data collection and AI-powered relationship visualizations to grow business connections, while saving time and money. Introhive’s platform integrates with most business technology (including CRM software, e-mail, and business intelligence) to reveal insights and eradicate manual data entry—boosting sales, revenue, technology adoption, productivity and data quality.

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