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[Webinar] Selling Outcomes, Not Technology

July 28: Join us for our webinar with Mutual Value!

Join Mutual Value’s Managing Directors, Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smith, as well as Introhive’s Sales Director, Adam Roberts to discuss how now more than ever, technology and telecommunication companies need to accelerate the shift from selling technology to providing services to clients that transform their business.

Companies are now being faced with having smaller workforce’s and their clients having less spending power, so there is an immediate need to prioritise their highest value relationships and know where they are.

It is now possible to measure Relationship Capital which creates the opportunity to consciously decide where to apply this for maximum result, which should drive how you invest time and resources and into which accounts. Having established a benchmark for trust based relationships it is then possible to develop consistency across accounts in the way your people engage and grow your most valuable clients.

Discover insights such as:
  • How big are these challenges right now?
  • How quickly can ambitious firms seize the opportunity in the re-emergence?
  • How to decide where to focus Relationship Capital and what to do about it
  • Share tools which can be used to underpin these high value, trust-based relationships

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Time: 3:00 PM BST

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