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[Webinar] Zero Touch CRM: The Peppermint & Introhive Approach

Introhive & Peppermint Nov 4

November 4: Join us as we present on the obstacles that law firms face with CRM and how Introhive & Peppermint can solve them.

Time and time again, we hear from law firms that their partners and attorneys simply don’t have the time to use CRM, that their time is better suited in front of clients for billable hours and moving the firm forward.

What if we told you they don’t have to touch CRM at all? That we can help increase adoption which leads to an increase in revenue and ultimately winning more clients?

Peppermint and Introhive will demonstrate how client relationship management is not just a tool you log into but more about what you and your law firm need to accomplish.

Join this 45 minute webinar and learn how Peppermint and Introhive together can:

  • Overcome the obstacles of CRM that all law firms face
  • Improve data quality whilst automating the process
  • Answer the question of “who knows who?”, enabling meaningful interactions with clients, improving firm-wide collaboration and revenues
  • Give client insights to Partners when most relevant and enhance client experience

We will see you November 4th!

Webinar time: 8:30 AM GMT

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