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Introhive and Salesforce

Revenue Acceleration for Salesforce Clients of All Sizes and Complexities

Grow the relationships you need to succeed while saving time and money with intelligent data automation. Introhive’s end to end platform will increase Salesforce adoption and data cleanliness while boosting sales effectiveness and revenue.

With Introhive and Salesforce, you’re able to:

  • Increase Productivity: Eliminate 5-10 hrs of data entry for users and drive greater adoption with Salesforce through automated contact and activity sync
  • Relationship Mapping & Intelligence: Map who knows who across your organization and push pre-meeting intelligence to sales users automatically to speed up meeting preparation for new business development, up-selling, and cross-selling opportunities
  • Data Cleanse & Enrichment:Automate the mapping of contacts from corporate communications to CRM and enrich contact records with complete, accurate, and up-to-date information natively in Salesforce
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60 Seconds With Introhive

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Introhive is proven to drive user adoption of Salesforce, increase sales efficiency, and maximize performance.

By enriching CRM data, the Introhive platform increases the accuracy and completeness of a single source of truth, while delivering actionable relationship insights, where and when organizations need them.

Introhive helps companies of all sizes and complexities gain a better understanding of the depth of relationships across their organizations to help increase deal velocity, delight customers, and increase client retention.


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Introhive’s State of Commerce

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed commerce across the globe. It also accelerated the massive transition to digital channels that was already underway.

To stay on top of current trends and forge your way in the face of uncertainty, download this comprehensive white paper that explores a new baseline for commerce after a disruptive event and suggests a path forward for both B2C and B2B organizations.

You can download the report by clicking the button below.

Download Introhive’s State of Commerce

How Introhive Expands Salesforce’s Influence Across Different Industries

With Introhive and Salesforce, organizations across different industries can collect, clean, and optimize their CRM to maximize their revenue, uncover hidden relationships, and the relationships you need to succeed while saving time and money.

Salesforce for Business Service Firms

Learn how Introhive helps business services organizations increase Salesforce adoption while accelerating revenue and ensuring data cleanliness, all to better help your firm operate more efficiently.

With Introhive and Salesforce, business service organizations can:

  • Capture, quantify, and leverage all existing relationships to ensure all avenues to net-new revenue, client retention, and cross-sell upsell opportunities are always actioned.
  • Be prepared for every prospect and client interaction with automatic insight delivered to your inbox prior to every meeting. This ensures firms stay on top of latest news and happenings and can always provide valuable insight with every interaction.
  • Gain a 360-degree firm view, allowing you to see the full picture of all client interactions to better identify where there is opportunity for new business and revenue growth, and opportunities to limit client churn.

Salesforce for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms

For Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms, Salesforce is a critical component of any successful organization. With project cycles that span multiple years, having up-to-date data and an ability to monitor relationship strength is imperative to tendering business and long sales cycles.

By leveraging Introhive’s industry-leading platform, AEC Firms will be able to:

  • Surface, cross-sell and up-sell new business through relationship intelligence.
  • Keep all their leads, contacts, and accounts up-to-date by leveraging AI to automate data entry and cleaning contact data.
  • Save time and productivity by working from email (mobile, and voice to text).

Salesforce for Technology Firms

Technology firms know tech. It’s in their DNA, and they eat, sleep and breathe tech every day. Where Introhive and Salesforce offer value is helping technology companies leverage their existing tech stack in order to get the greatest ROI while empowering their teams to stay agile, fast and efficient.

Introhive and Salesforce help technology companies:

  • Keep Salesforce contact data clean and accurate to ensure effective forecasting, demand gen, ABM, and CX campaigns.
  • Shorten sales cycles by uncovering and connecting key buyers faster and with less barriers.
  • Leverage AI to automate mundane data entry to allow sales, marketing, and success teams to focus on driving revenue, retaining customers, and identifying cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Salesforce for Financial Service Organizations

Paired with Introhive and Salesforce, financial service organizations can work more efficiently and effectively through increased CRM adoption, data entry automation, and relationship intelligence. The net result for financial service organizations can decrease sales cycles, grow accounts organically, and reduce client churn.

With Introhive and Salesforce, financial services organizations can:

  • Map relationships with AI to better understand who knows who across your organization to speed up sales cycles while increasing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Clean and enrich Salesforce data to increase the effectiveness of Einstein, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud.
  • Automatically map contacts and activity from corporate email to CRM to ensure no communication or opportunity is ever missed.

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