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On Demand Digital Panel: Taming CRM Data Chaos

Taming CRM Data Chaos

crm data chaos

Key Takeaways:

  • When you’re contemplating rolling out a change: start with a pilot program, communicate the change you’re making and why, and learn from that small group.

  • Don’t make any changes optional for your reps to follow. If you create a program that works for your reps, you won’t have to worry about adoption.

  • Your CRM doesn’t exist in a vacuum: it’s used by people, and managed by people. Ultimately your salespeople are one of the main end users of this platform, so make it work for them!

  • Putting time into working on your CRM is like eating brussel sprouts: it’s not the most fun or glamorous thing to do, but you’ve got to do it to make your CRM functional and healthy.