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Three-Year Benefits*




Benefits Present Value


Net Present Value

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3-year financial impact of Introhive*

Summary of Benefits

Introhive | Vertical graph 1 | The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study for Introhive’s Customer Intelligence Platform
*The results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers

Discover the ROI of Introhive

Curious to see what the financial impact could be on your business?
Try our TEI calculator today and unlock the path to financial success and business benefits.

This TEI calclator is based on a financial model developed as part of a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by Introhive.

Complete a short 10 question survey to generate a custom-tailored estimated impact analysis regarding the potential benefits your firm could realize by adopting Introhive’s Customer Intelligence platform.


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Voice of the Customer

Build the Business Case

In a world of complex buying processes and increased stakeholder involvement, the power of client intelligence has become vital for driving revenue in your business, as seen with the ROI results in the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study.

To help executives like you make a compelling case for investing in Client Intelligence, Forrester Consulting have crafted a game-changing seven-step checklist. This invaluable resource will guide you through the process of quantifying the various business benefits that Introhive’s client intelligence platform could have on your firm.

Take a moment to explore the checklist below and estimate the impact Introhive could have on your business!

Computer with Introhive page

On-Demand Webinar

Watch this webinar where Forrester Consulting’s VP & Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin and Senior Consultant Erach Desai discuss:

  • • The economic impact Introhive customers experience using Introhive.
  • • Why existing relationships and customer intelligence has become even more important in tighter economic environments like we are in today.
  • • How firms can harness client relationship data to drive net-new, cross-sell revenues and increase cost and productivity efficiencies.
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