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Collaborate For Productivity & Innovation

The power of internal collaboration: Leveraging informal networks for productivity and innovation

The performance of an organization heavily relies on how individuals and teams collaborate internally.

Regardless if you’re looking at team productivity, innovation, or cross-selling, collaboration and trust will always be the keys. To be able to influence the effectiveness of your organization you need to understand how well members of a team are working together, whether they are bringing broader knowledge to clients or if enough have bridging connections between different areas of expertise. With hybrid work becoming the new norm, it is crucial to understand how to bridge people and teams and align the culture of the organization.

There is a price for the lack of collaboration in an organization. From missed opportunities to provide a solution to reinventing the wheel, it will all hurt the organization’s performance. Enter the importance of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA),a methodology that maps collaboration and communication between people, teams, and different parts of an organization. It helps uncover silos – to understand connectivity gaps of teams and business units – and pinpoints bottlenecks and collaboration overload.

It is most often used to speed up a transformation or cultural change and to improve collaboration that can result in higher levels of innovation and productivity. During the webinar, Andras will share his experience on how organizations are using ONA to drive productivity and innovation.