Caleb Dow | Product Marketer @ Introhive

02 Dec: Sales Activities: Volume vs Value

When it comes to sales activities, should you be looking at volume – that is, how busy your reps are – or at the value of their activities?

From one company to another, every sales organization looks slightly different. From the roles and responsibilities of the sales team, whether they’re divided by territory, vertical, or product line, to their comp plans and everything in between…  But one common thread that connects all sales organizations is the series of calls, emails, meetings, that they complete as they build relationships with their prospects and clients. At the end of the day,…


27 Aug: Monitoring and maximizing sales productivity with Time Coach

Whether you’re an outside sales team who used to be racking up miles and working tradeshows and conferences or an inside sales team that was hitting the phones on the sales floor, the way you sold, and where you used to sell, has been disrupted. 

As sellers are transitioning from the sales floor to the kitchen table, they are at risk of becoming disconnected and misaligned. The question many sales organizations are asking is, “how can we maintain alignment and productivity in a remote environment?”

The answer is in the data!

As sellers complete activities throughout the day and week,…