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02 Nov: Welcome Sue Demmer to Introhive

2015 has been an exciting year for us here at Introhive as we’ve seen tremendous growth in our product, in our customer base, and in our partner-base. As we continue to scale towards an even better 2016 we are pleased to announce the hiring of Sue Demmer who joins us from Microsoft and brings with her a tremendous amount of CRM experience having worked for Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and SAP. Below are a couple words from Sue on why she is so excited to be joining the Introhive team:

I have been selling and positioning the value of CRM systems for…

21 Oct: 5 Areas To Optimize Your CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is arguably one of the most important tools in an organization’s arsenal. It keeps everyone across the organization on the same page, providing insights into all of the relationships and interactions of various departments, while providing reporting on historical performance and future opportunities.

It’s no surprise that CRM systems have changed over the years. Instead of simply being a sales tool for capturing customer and prospect data, they have evolved to integrate other departments, including Marketing & Support, under the same umbrella to allow for universal records. The evolution of CRMs is not…

14 Oct: Enhance your CRM with Relationship Data Science

It’s no secret that here at Introhive, we love Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. They help us not only stay organized and keep everyone on the same page, they also help us stay proactive and easily comb through our data to find the intel that we need, when we need it. We’re able to tap into such great results thanks to not only our CRM, but also due to our own relationship data science technology. This allows us to:

a) make sure that all our data is automatically synced into our CRM, keeping everything up-to-date (because who wants to…

07 Oct: We’re On The Road Again!

Fall. It’s one of the best seasons of the year. The hot, sticky humidity of summer is replaced with cool and crisp air, perfect for strolls around the neighborhood and parks. Leaves are continually changing, making picturesque scenes. Delicious Thanksgiving dinners are just around the corner – cue the smells of amazing pies. Oh and trade shows. Lots and lots of trade shows.

After a busy start to the Fall season here at Introhive that saw us at multiple trade shows stretching the east and west coast in September, we are back at it again. Next week is the…

01 Oct: Making a Business Decision? Trust Your Network.

Over the past decade the buying cycle for business-to-business (B2B) deals has slowly shifted to what it is today. Gone are the days of cold calling and sellers owning all the power by controlling the entire sales cycle. Now, buyers have all the facts that they need to make a decision at their fingertips before they’ve even chatted with a sales rep or seen a demo of the product.

One of the major causes for this shift is the explosion of information available. You can easily find details on any product, how it has been used, and how happy…

23 Sep: CRM Data Problems? You’re Not Alone.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are incredible tools for keeping organizations organized and on the same page about their dealings with prospects, customers, and partners. They allow for one unified view of all the organization’s activities on individual and corporate levels and provide insights into how deals are progressing to forecast upcoming sales revenues, and the interactions and satisfaction levels of customers for retention purposes.

But as great as CRM systems are in theory, like most other tools, they are only as good as the data and usage that goes into them. In fact we recently released a study…

14 Sep: Attending Dreamforce? See You There!

It’s that time again when the hottest CRM event of the year takes over beautiful San Francisco – Dreamforce. Last year saw 100,000+ in attendance with lots of great speakers and sessions making sure you left feeling fully energized and knowledgeable to finish 2014 on a strong note.

Last year at Dreamforce we unveiled our latest functionality around data automation and freeing up 5+ hours of your week every week by automatically syncing your contacts and activities into Salesforce. This year we are taking things one step further as we unveil our CRM data science that delivers CRM insights…

10 Sep: Attending Hitachi Customer Conference? See You There!

Next week we are hitting the road for the 8th Annual Hitachi Solutions Customer Conference. We are thrilled to be taking part in this event again as lots has changed on the Introhive side since last fall, with our platform expanding immensely since then. Now we help you not only generate new business through existing relationships but also tackle a major problem that CRMs have today: data integrity and management.

Here’s a sneak peak on what we are all about:

If you are planning on attending the Hitachi Customer Conference be sure to swing by our booth…

02 Sep: 3 Things Better Than Entering CRM Data

Recently we published an Infographic around research conducted with hundreds of sales professionals that uncovered the average sales person was spending 5.5 hour each week simply logging contacts and activities into their CRM.

With so much time wasted each week populating CRM systems with the necessary data, we wondered how else could someone be more effectively spending their time if they leveraged a data automation tool.

Here are 3 ways to spend your time more effectively once you’ve been freed from logging activities and contacts inside your CRM:

Sell. Sell. Sell.

Let’s face it – nothing should be standing…

13 Jul: Introhive Closes US$7.2 Million Series B Financing

July 13, 2015

Fredericton, Canada and Washington, D.C. – Introhive announced today that it has closed a US$7.2 million Series B financing round with a number of venture and strategic investors based in the U.S. and Canada.  Introhive plans to use the funds to expand its partner channel and direct sales team.

“With this new round of funding, we look forward to expanding our footprint within the Fortune 1000 segment as well as deepening our relationships with the leading CRM providers who have become important partners for Introhive,” said Jody Glidden, President and CEO.

The funding comes on…