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20 Nov: The Sales Cloud Keynote: What you need to know.

Introhive team members watch the Sales Cloud Keynote from our office in Fredericton

After yesterday’s big opening Dreamforce Keynote, two important product keynotes happen today, the first of which was the Sales Cloud Keynote that just wrapped up.

Here’s what else you missed:Built on the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud is an incredible tool for connecting apps, devices, and customers. Introhive was featured in today’s keynote for bringing important relationship insight and activities, particularly warm introductions, to Sales Cloud through the Salesforce App Exchange.

As with yesterday,’s big announcement of Salesforce1 ruled the day. Salesforce1 is geared…

16 Aug: Introhive on the Road

We are hitting the road again for a couple of exciting events next week.

If you are in New York the 19th – 21st be sure to check out CRM Evolution and swing by the Introhive booth to say ‘hi’. Introhive VP of Sales Rich McInnis, Senior Account Executive Adam Draper, new Senior Director of Business Development Chris May, and CMO David Alston will be there exhibiting and chatting. If you can’t stop by the booth, but would like to meetup for a demo or just to hear what we’re up to, let us know as well.

If you…

29 Jul: Is Your Marketing Team Killing Your Sales Vibe? Here’s What to Do About It.

A few weeks ago I was at a conference out of town and decided to head down to a local restaurant. It was a gourmet burger joint that I heard about from a few locals as they expressed it was a hidden gem and a must-visit spot.

I looked through the menu and my eyes were glued to a burger they called the Barkley. It had multiple types of cheese, a wide range of bacon strips, a handful of vegetables, some spices and a pineapple slice to top it off. It sounded like the perfect dish and the perfect…

25 Jul: The Five-Dollar Investment that Differentiates The Best from the Rest

Professionals around the world spend thousands of dollars on new software, reports, marketing materials and events. While some of these investments can lead to significant returns, many businesses are coughing up thousands of dollars with little understanding of why.

One of the best investments that a business or a professional can make is one that you won’t find heavily discussed on TechCrunch or Forbes magazine. It’s an investment you won’t hear about in Popular Science and it’s definitely not one that will be raising venture capital anytime soon. It’s the simple cost of buying someone a coffee.

Sure, this advice…

23 Jul: Four Awesome Apps that Every Sales Pro Should Try

The mobile phone has changed business forever.

As many question the trend of mobile dependency, one thing we cant deny is the power of mobile software and its role in increasing effectiveness and efficiency in sales. Whether it’s through a mobile version of Dropbox, a new email application or your existing CRM, mobile has changed the game. But what about the apps that go under the radar?

We often talk about the importance of productivity apps and apps for managing our customer relations but there’s so much more out there when you escape the bubble. Here are four apps that…

18 Jul: How to Ruin a Sales Pitch

Do you feel overwhelmed when giving a sales presentation? Do you find it challenging to keep the attention of your prospect? As simple as the idea of talking about a product you know very well may sound, there’s really more to it than just talking about a few benefits and features. If benefits and features is the typical approach you take with your pitches, it could be costing you more clients than it gains.

So how can you make sure you’re providing and developing a solid, effective and well-received pitch? Well, here are a few things that you definitely…

12 Jul: How To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated to Succeed

If you work in sales long enough, you’ll eventually have a bad day where you just want to throw in the towel. Over the last few years, I’ve seen many good days and a few bad. One thing I’ve noticed is that depending on the organization; the number of bad days is often directly related to your manager.

After talking with several sales managers over the years, I noticed a trend in those who stand out as true sales leaders. The most extraordinary sales managers constantly strive to keep their sales teams motivated.

Why? Because they recognize that a…

04 Jul: Infographic: Why Relationships Matter in Modern Selling

Technology has changed the way we do business. It has changed the way we interact with our clients, partners, colleagues and employers. In a world where information is more readily available than every before, it’s obvious that the practice of sales has changed forever. If you’re a sales professional, you can relate to the ongoing changes as it relates to technology, social media, big data, relationship intelligence and the overall sales process.

The infographic below is based on a wide range of studies and reports that further showcase the shift in sales. Additionally, it shows the power of relationships in this…

03 Jul: What Savvy Business Travelers Keep in their Carry-Ons

Business travel is hated by many and loved by few. It sounds like sugar plums and lollipops to people new in their careers but after racking up the frequent flyers points and seeing the inside of one too many hotel rooms, it can become redundant. Don’t get me wrong, seeing clients face to face and attending conferences can be rewarding but the delays, plane food, taxi cabs and chatty seat mate can become a bit much.

So how can you make business travel bearable and somewhat enjoyable? Bring things that make your life better and easier. Here are six…

02 Jul: Putting the Relationships Back in CRM: How to Retain Customers

Customer churn is one of the most painful parts of business. Businesses understand and agree that it’s more cost effective to retain customers than acquire new ones but businesses continue to struggle in sustaining long lasting relationships with their clients.

A recent study from IBM showed that most companies using CRM use it to solely gather transactional information with little focus on relationships. They focus on sales and place very little emphasis on what the “R” in CRM actually stands for.

The same study shows that companies who use data to foster relationships outperform those don’t. As such, it’s not…