29 Dec: How to Build a Successful Law Firm Marketing Department: 8 Strategies from John Remsen, Jr.

Not very long ago all law firms needed to do to maintain a steady flow of business was throw an annual party, sponsor a table or two at a charity gala, enjoy a round of golf with key clients, and send out holiday cards.

Unfortunately, those halcyon days are long gone, says John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO of The Remsen Group. He explains that mergers and acquisitions have changed the competitive landscape for law firms of all sizes in every market. They can take nothing for granted, and now must assert their position in the marketplace or lose business.


27 Dec: How to Build a Successful Law Firm Marketing Department: 5 Strategies from Jill S. Weber

Law firm marketing has evolved into far more than event planning or newsletter publishing, insists Jill S. Weber, who is President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association and Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for Stinson Leonard Street. She says marketers in her association have significantly improved client service while making a powerful impact on revenue.

“What really impresses me in our association is how many people I meet who can share specific case studies where they have driven meaningful change in their firm, or meaningful bottom-line impacts,” explains Jill. “It isn’t just marketing as promotion; it’s how to improve…


22 Dec: The Future of Law Firm Marketing: 4 Expert Predictions

Increased competition, mergers and acquisitions, and the advent of the digital age have dramatically transformed law firm marketing. With so much change already, can law firms expect even more by 2020?  Four legal-marketing leaders weigh in.

Mobile Will Matter More

Daniel Sarath, Digital Marketing Executive for Mangus Legal, points out that mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop, and that points to how consumers will engage in the future.

“For law firms in 2020, this not only means having a responsive mobile website (this should be obvious in 2016, yet many of our firm’s competitors still do not have…


16 Dec: Get the Scoop: Here Are 8 of 2016’s Most Popular Legal Marketing Articles

The internet is teeming with marketing knowledge. And we all have copious amounts of time to read it all and sort through what applies to the legal industry, right?

Okay, maybe not.

To make it easier for you to keep up, we’ve put law-firm marketing’s best of the internet at your fingertips with 8 of the most-shared law-firm marketing articles of 2016. Save time and bookmark this page the next time you need marketing inspiration.

1. Top 5 Law Firm Marketing Ideas This article reminds us that marketing success doesn’t require complexity or the latest technology. You can drive opportunity by…


13 Dec: Build Your Legal Practice with These 27 Marketing Ideas Straight from the Experts

There’s no shortage of earning potential in the legal sector. Whether you work for a massive firm or a one-person practice, your earning potential is nearly infinite, limited only by the new business you can bring in or your bandwidth to handle the work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a marketer or a business development pro, if you can consistently convince people to seek legal services from you or your firm, then there’s a high-paying position waiting for you at the firm of your choosing.

Give your professional reputation and your bank account a healthy deposit this…


05 Dec: The Big List of Business Development Resources for Law Firms

There are a range of catalysts responsible for driving two-thirds of law firms to invest more into marketing and business development. Regardless of the reason, suffice it to say that demand for BD and marketing acumen continues to rise, as do the rewards for practitioners who can produce results.

Our goal in compiling the list below is to create a convenient learning repository for any lawyer, marketer or business development professional who aims to advance their career.  With convenience in mind, let’s start with some portable lessons:

On the Go Resources

The Trusted Advisor [Audiobook]
Before persuasion can…