09 Apr: The No. 1 Legal Trend to Look Out for at the 2018 LMA Annual Conference

It’s no secret that law firms face a unique myriad of sales, marketing, and business development challenges. With lawyers who are quick to remind others that sales is not a part of their job, reaching sales objectives is hard to come by. Couple that with the fact that the demand for legal services has remained flat over the years, and you have a recipe for a market that results in mergers and acquisitions for growth instead of sales and business development strategies.

This needs to change.

However, change can’t be reached without deeper client insights that allow for stronger client…

06 Mar: Legal Technology Trends That Will Take Over 2018

To have a truly modern and innovative law firm, technology needs to have a place at the table. This is true for your law firm for both your staff and your clients as technology has started to become more client-facing. But what legal technology offers the greatest opportunity for your law firm?

In 2018, there are three legal technology trends that hold the promise of a big impact. Representing three main benefits, these legal technologies can help you improve client relationships, efficiencies, revenue, and more. These technology trends will not only impact the future of law firm marketing, but also…


30 Jan: Introhive Loves Law Firms

It’s one month into 2018, and if the first 30 days are any indication, it’s going to be another incredible year for Introhive in the legal industry. Building off busy 2017 – welcoming new firms as clients in the US, Canada, and the UK – 2018 saw us kick off a number of new relationships with law firms. Introhive loves law firms and law firms love Introhive.

Last week, Introhive exhibited at the Marketing Partner Forum at the stunning Terranea Resort in California. It was a great event that provided an opportunity to meet with clients, partners, and new firms….


16 Jan: Experts Weigh-In on How Lawyers Can Master the Art of Social Selling

Lawyers aren’t the most social bunch. At least, that’s what we’re meant to believe. In the legal industry, there tends to be a belief that attorneys are shy and introverted individuals. And while there’s nothing wrong with being introverted or anti-social, today’s hyper-connected world almost requires them to be vocal over digital channels to grow their law firms.

But is there any truth to this myth? And, if so, how can lawyers conquer today’s interaction-driven marketplace?

We recently spoke with social selling and legal experts Alexander Low and Joshua Lenon to find those answers. Through their combined background in…


20 Dec: Predicting the State of CRM at Law Firms in 2018

At the beginning of every year, Ackert Advisory releases a study on The State of CRM at Law Firms detailing a clear picture of how CRMs are being utilized at law firms. From the study, important trends and challenges emerge, giving law firm executives an idea of how they can improve their CRM usage and business development efforts.

With 2018 upon us, we’re already wondering how the state of CRM has changed. How has CRM adoption evolved? Where is progress being made? Are there any new top concerns?

As a relationship automation platform for law firms, we have a good…

05 Dec: Secure Your Client Data: How Law Firms Can Create a Deeper Level of Trust

It’s long been said that data is the lifeblood of nearly every business. However, it’s not just your firm’s proprietary data that needs protecting. In today’s hyper-connected digital world, it’s a given that all data is at risk, especially as your firm calls upon a growing number of legal technologies and digital workflows. To establish and maintain a deep level of trust with prospective and existing clients, you need to protect their confidential, sensitive data.

Why Law Firms Are Targeted

When you consider the type of data your law firms handles, it’s easy to see why those with nefarious intent…


17 Nov: How Emotional Intelligence Can Grow Law Firms with Jaimie B. Field, Esq.

Emotional intelligence, as defined by Psychology Today, is ‘one’s ability to manage and identify your own emotions and the emotions of others.’ At first glance, this might not seem relevant to your law firm, but your ability to tap into emotion can have a lasting impact on your client relationships.

To explore emotional intelligence and its impact on legal firms, we sat down with Jaimie B. Field, Esq. legal business development expert and creator of Enlightened Rainmaking. As a passionate proponent for law firm business development, Jaimie understands that lawyers need to be relationship experts to grow their practice. This…


31 Oct: 6 Law Firm Marketing Tactics You Need to Fuel Growth in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of your law firm’s performance and assess your needs going forward into the new year. Are you going to meet your firm’s business development goals? Or is it going to be battle for market share? In today’s digital landscape, it can feel like more of a toss-up than ever.

So how can you set your law firm up for business development success in 2018?

We have you covered with six law firm marketing tactics that will take your firm to new heights. Check them out below.

1. Content Marketing…


05 Oct: 4 Ways Law Firms Can Build Up Their Business Development Practice

More and more so, business development is becoming a strategic focus as law firms look for ways to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. Dave Kuhlman of Axiom Consulting Partners knows this well. With over 20 years of experience, Dave has worked with some of the leading professional firms in the world, improving collaboration and motivation, addressing strategic challenges and generally helping them continue to evolve competitively. We interviewed him to glean insights into practical steps law firms can take to harness business development to move their businesses forward.

Embrace a Generous Mind-Set

According to Dave, not…


20 Sep: 3 Secrets to Legal Business Development with Joe Przybyla

The state of legal marketing and business development today is still evolving. Considering the fact that Chief Marketing Officers have only appeared in law firms over the past 15-20 years, it’s safe to say that marketing and business development is still relatively new to the legal world. But that doesn’t mean they can continue to ignore it.

According to Joe Przybyla, Introhive’s new legal marketing expert and Regional Sales Director, it’s the greatest reason for law firms to embrace it—they are far behind the curve when it comes to attracting new business. And in a compressed marketplace where clients want…