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On-Demand Webinar: Spring into Action! CRM Adoption Made Easy


We’ve all been there. It’s time to implement a new Customer Relationship Management system and the team collectively falls into the Pit of Despair. Cue the groaning, deep sighs, and “see ya later” attitudes. Frankly, when it comes to CRM adoption, there are many reasons why sales leaders resist.

Fear not! In this panel discussion, we went over a few ways to make the CRM User Adoption process easy. An effective process takes more than just adding an onboarding event to the calendar and directing people to the links. It requires a comprehensive strategy that focuses on the actions needed to maintain user adoption over the life of the system.

Watch how we dove into the strategies you need to create a concrete, sustainable, and incredible CRM User Adoption process.


  • The Basics: Why CRM Adoption isn’t an “if” but a “when”

  • The Challenges: Struggles the experts’ have paved the way out of so you can implement systems and sustain them

  • The Endgame: The tools and techniques needed to effectively integrate the system into your pre-existing processes


  • Be smart about the foundations you lay in your CRM processes. Implementing strategic requirements, like who the top five key stakeholders were in your deal, is what will make the difference for the business as a whole.

  • Behavior drives process. Adoption matters for scalable success and value, so plan this into your CRM project efforts.

  • Understand the key behaviors you are trying to drive. Determine what success looks like and build in an iterative model for your team and well as your company