International Women’s Day


12 Mar: Empower Women to Empower Other Women

Empower women to empower women is a phrase that is near and dear to my heart. I’m so proud to have been involved in the International Women’s Day event hosted by Introhive on March 4, where we heard from strong leaders who are championing women and helping to pave the way for future generations. Our amazing line up of panellists was:

Diana Sapienza, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Introhive  Kimberley Ellison-Taylor, Global Technology and Finance Leader, Oracle Angela Carter, Senior Partner, GBS Media and Entertainment, IBM Christine Robertson, Partner, Marketing & Sales Leader, PwC

Moderating the conversation was Introhive’s own…


02 Mar: Women in Technology: Relationships Matter

For women in technology – for women in any field, really – finding your way and building your career is a wonderful adventure. But, what is a successful career? Well, it depends on what you enjoy and what you value. 

“Whether they stem from business or personal situations, our relationships are what support us, connect us, and allow us to progress in all aspects of our lives.” 

Michelle Tillis Lederman, 11 Laws of Likability

First, find what you love. Take some calculated risks. Technology offers numerous roles to explore. Get your technical education, then find a fast-growing young company and…


24 Feb: From Sports to Sales: Celia’s Story

I can hear my pulse echoing in my ears and the feeling of anticipation is in the pit of my stomach. You might think I’m about to pick up the phone to make some cold calls and, in this phase of life, you might be right. In a past life, however, I’d be staring down the starting line of an international 800m race on National TV.

While I’ve since retired from pursuing my Olympic dreams, I feel fortunate and grateful that sports provided me with the opportunity both to fly and to fail. With the perfect race, you felt like…


19 Feb: My Mom: The Equality Warrior

Mom: one person who does the work of twenty for free; strength; unconditional love.

It wasn’t until I became a mother to a daughter that it really hit me how strong and forward-thinking my own mother was. At the time, she made it all seem so “normal”.

Mom has so much fun during races – she spends the entire length of the race waving to and high-fiving people. Her energy and spirit are infectious!

A stereotypical 1970’s Mom, my mother stayed home with four kids making Kool-Aid and devoting 100% of herself to us. But, as we grew, so did she….


04 Feb: International Women’s Day: The History

With March just around the corner, it’s important to highlight March 8th as the world comes together to honour International Women’s Day: a day to lift women up, celebrate their achievements in all spheres of life, whilst raising awareness for women’s equality.  As this important day approaches, I’ve been thinking about the journey women have gone through, the huge steps taken and the sacrifices made by so many incredible women in the fight for women’s rights.  But, it also has me thinking about the flip side of the coin. How gender parity still exists in today’s society, how the journey…