Social Selling


16 Jan: Experts Weigh-In on How Lawyers Can Master the Art of Social Selling

Lawyers aren’t the most social bunch. At least, that’s what we’re meant to believe. In the legal industry, there tends to be a belief that attorneys are shy and introverted individuals. And while there’s nothing wrong with being introverted or anti-social, today’s hyper-connected world almost requires them to be vocal over digital channels to grow their law firms.

But is there any truth to this myth? And, if so, how can lawyers conquer today’s interaction-driven marketplace?

We recently spoke with social selling and legal experts Alexander Low and Joshua Lenon to find those answers. Through their combined background in…

14 Mar: Why We’re Excited About Social Selling (And You Should Be Too)

The revolution of sales will not be televised. It’s going to happen quickly and it’s already beginning to change the way business is done across the globe. Whether you accept it or not, social selling is changing the way organizations sell, recruit, hire and build relationships.

The buzz surrounding social selling continues to grow. More and more businesses are looking for opportunities to capitalize on social networks and technology to drive sales and results. Marketers and social media influencers have spent years talking about the promise of social media and how it would drive real results for businesses. Finally,…

17 Apr: Cold calling in the age of social media

If you’ve ever worked in a sales organization the first thing you heard from your manager coming out of sales school was that activities always drive results. It’s an age old, simple formula that says that “X” number of phone calls plus “Y” number of proposals will give you the desired result – your sales quota. A salesperson that subscribes to this notion that repetitive activities drive results probably uses canned and scripted reach outs with only the name and company name changed.

My 10 year career in B2B enterprise sales began in inside sales and that is exactly…