Video Infographic: What Comes After Social?

Social media and mobile devices have become ubiquitous in recent years, and their impact on business has been monumental. We’re now more connected than ever, but it can be hard for business to reach those connections and leverage the relationships and networking into sales.

For businesses, the next wave of technology must help them better understand these relationships and apply this new insight into actions for salespeople. We believe an important part of this new technology mix are services and applications that help business people make and nurture meaningful relationships, and that warm introductions are an important part of that mix.

Here’s a little video infographic we put together to help illustrate both the potential of all these amazing connections we’ve made in the last few years as well as some of the difficulties in reaching them through traditional sales and marketing methods. We ended the video with a quote from Dave Lerner, Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University.

“Apart from capital, warm introductions are literally the most important currency in business. They get people jobs, initiate partnerships, help people raise funds and can often make an extraordinary positive difference in people’s lives and the lives of businesses. When they are made carelessly they can literally be devastating.”

What do you think? How do businesses use technology to capitalize on the connections formed in the early days of social media and mobile?