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Meet Introhive, Your AI-Powered
Competitive Advantage

Introhive is an AI powered platform that leverages data automation and relationship intelligence to give sales and business development professionals time back in their week, improving productivity, increasing revenue and further reduces a businesses’ operational costs.

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Eliminate mundane data entry and save 5.5+ hours per week using contact and activity sync from email to CRM

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Grow your database 5-10X, while mapping relationships and who knows who across your business network

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Cleanse CRM data to increase database accuracy
and completeness of information
up to 90%+

Sync More Information to CRM for Sales & Service Teams

Do away with manual data entry and focus on what matters. While CRMs have gone to great lengths to reduce data entry, Introhive has all but eliminated it, resulting in cleaner, more comprehensive and more powerful data.

Identify “Who Knows Who” Across Your Company

Introhive analyzes all of your organization’s relationships and maps them together. This leads to internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerate the business development and sales process.

Equip Your Teams with Pre-Meeting Insights & Intelligence

Every business needs to unlock new opportunities and protect key accounts. Introhive’s AI powered platform and relationship scoring algorithm helps you do both. Relationship reporting empowers you to stay on top of all your company’s key contacts and accounts.

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A referral is the kick start to the buying process for a staggering 84 percent of all buyers. That means client satisfaction should be a top priority if you want to grow top-line revenue. Not only do happy clients make glowing recommendations; they also stick around to add revenue year-over-year.

But do you have what it takes to keep, grow and build these lasting relationships? If you don’t have a 360-degree view of your total network (your organization, prospects, clients, etc.), the answer is likely no.

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With 3 out of 4 economists predicting a U.S. recession by 2021, uncertainty around the United Kingdom and the European Union trade agreements, and global economic confidence weining, how is your business protecting itself from a downturn? 

When recession looms, leaders look to the levers within their business they can influence – focusing on retaining current customers, closing best case sales opportunities in pipeline and protecting cash reserves. Many will resort to cost cutting to further mitigate risk or postpone investments in new technology that had been forecasted to drive innovation and competitive advantage. 

While many leaders will shy away…

When Sales Funnels Go Wrong

Are your sales funnels delivering?  Probably not, if you’re reading this. Or, at least, you sense your sales performance could be better.

It’s really all about risk management. There’s the risk of coming in below predicted target with implications for individuals and organizations. And you have the risk of business plans and cash requirement being driven off course. You might even be at risk of non-delivery if unexpected business comes in at unexpected times.   

But successful funnel management goes beyond risk reporting. And it does more than improve forecasting accuracy. Optimized sales funnel management identifies potential problems in the…