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Celebrating Women’s Day 365 days a year with the Women’s Introhive Network

My first blog post was all about coming aboard at Introhive. It’s been 6 months now, and I have never seen a company transform and change on a weekly basis quite like Introhive. Agile to say the least. 

Since starting, one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of is missing International Womens’ Day…yes you read that right I was proud to have missed such an important day…at Introhive we were so busy getting our internal women’s network up and running we posted nothing on social media. It’s in line with ensuring your health and wellness comes first. We made sure that our women at Introhive came first. And so, very quietly, the day before international women’s day we had our first kick off meeting for the Women’s Introhive Network (WIN).

WIN is an all-inclusive group dedicated to creating opportunities to engage with colleagues across the organization, increasing access to networking, mentorship, and personal development.

We celebrated the fact that we were all together for the first time officially. We met new colleagues, we decided what topics we would cover in our upcoming sessions, we even chose a logo, but MOST importantly we committed to WIN as an evolution: something important that would not just be a one and done event but involve ongoing leadership training, mentorship and collaboration from now on—with no ending in sight. 

When we asked for members to join us we asked that they share their whys? As a founding member mine was about giving back: 

 “For all the support I have received in the past because of women employee-led resource groups”. The best part was that I was not the only founding member there were three other dynamic women who I am so proud to be a founding member with.

Maddy Fleagle, Director of Marketing Operations: a spitfire killer combination of straight shooter, full of logic, and  who just gets shit done.

April Manning, Director of Sales Engineering: a seasoned professional with a fantastic network in SaaS who drove right into getting us connected with another technology company that already had a women’s network up and running so we could benefit from all their learnings.

Kristine White, Sr. Director of Alliances: who has given a voice to the women who don’t feel they have one yet, and who in an emergency, still made our kick off call from the airport because it was that important to her.

Three ladies who I cannot wait to see how they transform our members and our allies. To top it all off we have the most amazing sponsor in Adam Stewart whose whys included his grandmother, mother and wife. The fact that the technology field had not changed enough, for the leaders of this group and for all of the strong, intelligent, and passionate people at Introhive. But what killed me is he called out to a group of women who were no longer at Introhive, who in his words we could have served better. 

But his main “Why” was the future, a future where he sees women in leadership roles.

Adam ended by saying to the full group, “I’m here to support. I’m here to enable. I’m here to serve.” What a powerful message to share and one that I am so grateful to have heard. 

But I have missed out the most important and significant group in all of this: our Members and Allies, the people who have come into this network with high expectations as well as needs, who together will be instrumental in building something I know will be aspirational and have the impact it needs to have. Who will be the future leaders of Introhive, who will be the future leaders of WIN. I cannot wait to share with all of you the impact we will have.

Join the team

WIN will only get stronger as we grow and add more strong women and their supporters to the Introhive team. Find your place in one of the certified Best Places to Work, we’re growing fast and always hiring.

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