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Introhive’s relationship intelligence is foundational for business growth

A common fear in salespeople today is that by adopting too much tech, specifically that which uses artificial intelligence (AI), their jobs will become obsolete. Well, that simply isn’t true. 

Platforms that use AI are not replacing humans—they’re simply analyzing data at rates we aren’t able to comprehend (let alone execute) and finding patterns, behaviours and other data points that give humans the best information to do their jobs. So, think of any tool using AI as an awesome co-worker, not a competitor.

Introhive is such a tool. With a focus on analyzing CRM data, what we specialize in is relationship intelligence. Through relationship intelligence, we send our clients on a Revenue Acceleration journey. AKA: growth.

Accelerating growth using AI

In a recent blog series by Forbes called “Accelerating Growth Using AI,” the third post in the collection focuses on relationship intelligence and productivity. Cindy Gordon, the author, describes to readers “the social network science and relationship collaboration sciences that fuel growth outcomes,” prefaced by defining relationship intelligence itself and what it all means. 

We were extremely pleased to see Introhive included in a list of marketplace leaders in this blog. To be named among our most impressive peers is indeed a great honour. So let’s take a look at how Dr. Gordon thinks AI can accelerate growth and make salespeople better at their jobs, and where we fit in.

Relational capital versus relationship intelligence

The fact of the matter is that relationships are valuable. So valuable, that some are referring to them as a kind of capital for their organization. The term “relational capital” is a term being used to communicate the extreme financial importance of relationship dynamics for a company. While they’re not exactly synonymous, relational capital and relationship intelligence are both getting at the same basic point: the more you know about your relationships, the more valuable they are. 

Or, as Gordon puts it: “It’s now all about mining data breadcrumbs in every interaction touchpoint to paint a picture.”

We’re happy to help paint those pictures.

The power of connecting the dots

That is truly what a Revenue Acceleration platform does—it creates a data-rich environment that enables relationship intelligence by connecting the dots. And further to that, gives you a roadmap of how best to use what it has revealed. 

Not only are you learning who knows who, in the context of real people and who they’ve had interactions with, but relationship intelligence is also, according to Gordon, “oozing its way rapidly into core business operating processes to create more insights on customer, employee and supplier value chains and with AI are able to predict the relationship health of these value chains.” In other words? Helping with forecasting, planning and performance predictions. 

As much of an accurate glimpse into the future as possible, if you will.

Giving salespeople back hours in the day

We were more than delighted to see Gordon point out time savings as a major benefit to using Introhive in her summaries of RI marketplace leaders. Described as helping sales reps reduce their “admin overhead,” Gordon touches on the hours of manual labour that Introhive can save due to our automation capabilities

Our platform can clean up and maintain CRM data with the click of a button. Gordon also points out how this significantly improves the overall adoption of CRM at an organization.

AI is here to stay

At the end of the day, technologies using AI are gettin’ the job done—and there’s no going back. Statistics are showing improvements in performance and cost savings. Gordon references the Harvard Business Review, which reported that for sales departments: “AI increases leads and appointments by more than 50%, while at the same time reducing costs by up to 60%, with AI creating more value for sales reps by freeing up their time to spend more time on closing deals.”


With relationship intelligence being called a foundational tool for businesses that want rapid growth, we couldn’t be happier to be included in this post as an industry “pioneer”. We truly believe in the revenue acceleration journey on which we lead our clients, and are excited to be a leading member of the AI ecosystem.

Learn more

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration platform can provide you with the relationship intelligence that will grow your revenue, relationships, and retention.

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