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How relationship mapping is critical in the post-pandemic sales landscape

Before 2020, your B2B sales organization was a well-oiled rise-and-grind machine. It wasn’t seamless, but it ran smoothly enough. 

Then there was COVID-19, which no account plan or quota could’ve prepared you for. The imperfect science of sales deteriorated to little more than guesswork. Contracts were downsized or canceled, purchasing decisions were delayed, and teams had to develop a new dimension of awareness in the realm of customer pain points. 

All of this has amounted to more work and less certainty of returns—but there are still targets to reach. Organizations, rightfully so, are looking for ways to tailor their methods to new versions of buying and selling behaviors. And as networking opportunities have taken a hit, many sales professionals are turning to existing networks to surface leads.

Optimizing sales models for the future of B2B

The world as we’ve known it is gone. The pandemic has upended our notions of what’s possible in our personal and professional lives. For better or for worse, we cannot unsee anything.

How an organization responds to our unfolding global crisis will determine everything about its longevity. While some businesses have been unable to withstand this trial by fire, others have found growth. Many are emerging better prepared for what’s to come.

McKinsey research found that 90 percent of sales have turned to a videoconferencing/phone/web sales model. More than half of those who responded to the survey—which reached B2B businesses across 11 countries in seven sectors and across 14 categories of spend—believe this to be as effective or more effective than pre-pandemic sales models.

As with many quarantine shifts, the move away from traditional interactions in favor of those that are digital-enabled is likely permanent. This may be because such trends, informed by customer habits, did not originate during the pandemic. They were simply propelled by it. 

Now, as digital channels crowd with this large-scale migration to virtual, sales organizations must get creative about how to play to their strengths. 

Essential Tools for Tech Sales Teams on the Rise

Mining existing relationships through tech-enabled selling

The pressure to perform is on, and every part of your sales machine is taxing itself to see movement in the right direction. But all that effort is just busywork if it isn’t targeted.

An incredible amount of time, energy, and money is wasted trying to generate leads from low-quality data. As economic conditions have become more uncertain, many sales professionals are setting their sights on safer bets: uncovering existing networks. Quality relationship mapping that allows for more abundant and nuanced warm introductions can be a crucial differentiator for organizations trying to stay competitive.

But how will these relationships be identified? Not everyone at your organization is a CRM user. Plus, 88 percent of CRM users admit to entering incomplete contact information and 62 percent don’t log all activities (like emails or scheduled meetings). Because of this, many valuable connections remain hidden—even when they’re right in front of you.

The new wave of tech-enabled selling presents new opportunities here. A sophisticated, AI-powered relationship mapping software should allow you to get all the benefits that traditional CRM solutions promised but never delivered.

Fast-tracking deals with Introhive

Let’s say you’re looking at a target account, where you know nobody. You have a good conversation with someone from sales enablement, but it’s such a large organization that it’ll take forever before you’re in front of any decision makers. 

Rather than wait it out, you use software that enables you to comb the connections of everyone in your organization. It’s not dependent on manually entered data, but instead connects to people’s email servers and captures game-changing information, like email and meeting patterns. This data is automatically aggregated in Salesforce—or whatever CRM you use—even for teams who have never pressed a button to feed into the CRM. 

This is Introhive—and this is also how you see that your Chief Revenue Officer is connected to a high-level contact at your target account. You reach out to your CRO, get the intro, and fast-track the deal. It might sound too good to be true, but this is the power of technology applied the right way.

Introhive is an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows you to:

  • Leverage leads: Seek out leads camouflaged within your existing contacts.
  • Grow your revenue: Build more upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your sales teams by creating greater transparency across the organization.
  • Streamline CRM: Track every activity for employment in a comprehensive sales strategy. 

Read The New Revenue Superpower: Essential Tools for Tech Sales Teams on the Rise for insights on how to help your sales organization thrive in the new normal.

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