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How to be better prepared in meetings by spending no time preparing

Ever rush into a meeting feeling not that put together? Kind of all over the place? We’ve been there, too. 

It doesn’t feel great—in fact it’s pretty embarrassing. And although you could be awesome at your job and a top performer for the company, it’s easy to look bad in any meeting if you’re not well prepared. Especially when you’re trying to close a deal or strengthen a client relationship.

Tap into your CRM’s true abilities

Showing up at a meeting not knowing who contacted who, when it happened, and what was discussed makes you look bad. It’s redundant and wastes people’s time. They don’t like that. 

Proper meeting prep includes researching the person, the company, the existing relationships, and many other factors that can impact your interaction and chances of developing a relationship. 

Finding all of these insights, without the help of a CRM, can take a LOT of time and effort. (Ever fall down a LinkedIn rabbit hole?) 

Who has time to prepare?

Okay, we all get that coming in unprepared looks unprofessional, opens you up to a world of faux-pas, and usually leaves a bad impression, but who has the time to spend doing all the customer research to properly prepare for every meeting?

You’re busy enough, with a lot of different tasks and priorities competing for what little time you have. You may even have mundane drudge work like CMS data entry swallowing up to a day of your precious time each week. (And if that’s the case there’s good news for you, but that’s a whole different conversation.)

And if you don’t even have the time to update your CRM properly, we’re guessing you don’t have time to spend prepping for meetings this crazy, inefficient way, either.

The thing is, meeting prep doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. In fact, it doesn’t have to take any at all.

Let your CRM do the heavy lifting

Turns out, your CRM can see what meetings you have coming up, and with whom, and can automatically prepare a pre-meeting digest. All you need to do is get your CRM set up with a Revenue Acceleration tool to tap into these capabilities and make your life a heck of a lot easier. 

Imagine getting an email before every meeting that contains detailed information about the customer, including personal details about the individuals you’re meeting as well as general up-to-date information about their company. Plus, you’d know exactly when they last spoke to anyone in your company, who they met with, and what they talked about.

And you heard it right: this pre-meeting digest function sends the information automatically to your email. Everything you need to know to prepare properly for your meetings from now on, with no time or effort required on your part! 

Now doesn’t that sound great? 

Oh, snap. My CRM’s data is dirty, what do I do?

We’re guessing part of the reason you originally started using a CRM is to help get better prepared for meetings by getting a snapshot of the client or potential client, what they do, and what interactions they’ve already had with anyone at your company. As mentioned, these are important insights to have prior to any meeting.

The problem is, you may not trust the information in your CRM. It’s a common complaint, because few people have the time to keep the CRM accurate with up-to-date data, because manually entering it each week takes up WAY too much time. (And is a crazy thing to ask.) 

Nobody has time to get trustworthy data into the CRM, and no one has time to clean it up once it goes out of date. We hear it all the time.

This is a huge bummer, because you’d love to be able to draw from it for your pre-meeting prep.

Revenue Acceleration tools are here to save the day

Luckily, the revenue acceleration platforms we’re talking about can also help your CRM get cleaned up and stay that way. 

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Revenue Acceleration” is the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. 

It’s pretty awesome. 

There are 4 steps to achieving Revenue Acceleration:

  1. The first step is automate. That’s where the tool automates the mundane, manual data entry that’s stopping everyone from using the CRM in the first place. The platform will do this for you. 
  1. The second step, cleanse, uses AI technology to sweep your CRM of all its inaccurate data. It then does this on a continuous basis drawing from various sources, meaning the CRM is automatically up-to-date from now on. With no extra work. (Yay!)
  1. Once automate and cleanse are completed, you’ve created a single-source-of-truth for everyone at your company—your CRM. And, the CRM can move on to the next step: reveal. It’s during reveal that the platform starts you show you valuable insights, like the pre-meeting digest information, and you use that valuable information to do what you do best: sell. 

Oh, and you’ll look like a total rock star.

Make sure you look amazing at meetings

The pre-meeting digest not only makes you look super professional, but it also speeds up meetings, eliminates unnecessary meetings, and helps you to build better relationships. All this equals more sales on faster timelines. And if you can sell more, faster then you’ll also increase revenue. Plus—your CRM isn’t a waste of money anymore.


Save time, sell more, and get a better ROI on your CRM. It’s a win-win-win. And that’s just the beginning.

The possibilities are endless after the final step in the Revenue Acceleration journey: guide. (Remember, we did say there were 4 steps along the path to growing revenue, relationships, and retention.)

  1. Since everything with your CRM is now hunky-dory, the tool is able to use your CRM data to guide important selling decisions, identify what makes top performers perform well, and set everyone up with the insights needed to operate at their optimum level. 

It’s easier than you think

Your CRM can do so much more. Let it live up to its full potential with a partner like Introhive, whose Revenue Acceleration platform is already improving the quality of meetings and transforming the way many companies all around the world are doing business. 

Get in touch, and we’ll be with you every step of the way along your Revenue Acceleration journey.

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