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How to track your buyer champions when they switch jobs

Ever develop an amazing working relationship with one of your clients, only to find out suddenly that they’ve left the company?

Don’t panic! We’ve got you.

Obviously, it would suck to lose that person who’s always gone to bat for you. Whether it’s selling the idea to their superiors, guiding the sale process along from their side of things, or just putting in a good word, every salesperson knows the value of their “buyer champions.” And you definitely don’t want to let them walk away.

What you need is a way to track your buyer champions the moment they’ve switched jobs, and not in a stalker-y way, either. In fact, they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Relationships = Revenue

Salespeople are paid to nurture relationships. Relationships are what create trust, then loyalty, which typically equals sales. 

In any relationship you have with another company there is a point person (or, buyer champion) at the other organization with whom you’ll deal the most. 

When those champions change jobs, there’s huge value in being able to track them to new roles and companies. 

This isn’t a cold call by any means. In fact, if they’re switched companies this is the warmest “in” to the new organization you can get. 

The relationship doesn’t have to start again from scratch, you can call upon all the history and trust to fasttrack your and they can champion your product in their new role. And who knows, maybe at their new company they have even more sway or purchasing power.

Up-to-date CRM data saves the day

So, how exactly do you go about tracking down your lost buyer champion? Why, your CRM database of course. Keeping the CRM clean and up-to-date means when people move, your database knows about it. And you can find them. That’s part of what CRMs are supposed to do.

Easy peasy… right?

What if my CRM is a dirty liar?

Okay, okay. We made it sound too easy. We know there are thousands of CRMs out there currently letting people down with outdated, inaccurate data. If your company isn’t actively keeping the CRM data up-to-date, forget about using it to find your magical buyer unicorns. The information from these kinds of CRMs cannot be trusted, and may even do more harm than good.

Luckily, there are ways to cleanse your CRM data without giving anyone manual tasks. Using revenue acceleration tools, you can automatically clean up your CRM, and keep it up-to-date, without lifting a finger.

And, it gets even better! You don’t even have to scour the data yourself. These tools use AI analysis to keep track of who your closest contacts are—your champions—and notify you when they change roles. Now, you can act quickly and maintain the relationship and start selling into the new company.

Quick sidebar: What exactly is “revenue acceleration”?

Revenue acceleration is the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. 

The revenue acceleration journey has four steps. The first is to automate away mundane tasks that make your CRM unrealistic for salespeople to keep up with (ahem—manual data entry). The second step, which we just talked about, is cleanse. This is where the revenue acceleration tool cleans up your CRM and keeps it that way, using AI technology. 

The third step is reveal. This includes the AI tech tracking and telling you where your buyer champion went, exactly. The tool is now revealing important insights and analytics to help you do your job better and establish your CRM as a single-source-of-truth for everyone to rely on. Without the first two steps, you can’t get to the “reveal”.

So, back to the story—where are your champions?

Once you’ve set up a meeting at your buyer champion’s new gig, you want to be as prepared as possible. You know they trust you, but they have a whole new group of people to win over. You need to put your best foot forward, or the relationship could come to an abrupt end. 

Solution: be ultra prepared for that meeting. 

Your revenue acceleration tool can reveal other important information, as well. For example, with Introhive’s pre-meeting digest, you can read the latest company news, review meeting attendee profiles, discover relationship insights and trends, review the latest CRM activity, and more, all within your inbox. 

All the information you need to prepare for that big meeting—automatically delivered to your email.

Bonus: our research has shown that pre-meeting digest frees up an average of 7+ hours of time per week, so you can spend more time supporting customers and driving new business development.

But wait, there’s more

We know, this all sounds great. But there’s one more step to go. If you stop after getting the benefits of reveal, you’re not getting the full package of revenue acceleration. 

Complete your journey by taking the fourth step: guide

During the guide stage, you can uncover what makes top performers perform well and equip everyone with the insights required to operate at their optimum level. Implement team-wide AI-guided selling that improves performance across the board by delivering insights into the best actions to take next, when, and where they’re needed the most. 

Let us be your champion for tracking champions and more

Introhive is your ideal partner along the revenue acceleration journey. Our platform covers you every step of the way, including the all-important part of revealing exactly who and where your champions are, so you can keep growing your revenue, relationships, and retention.

Get in touch and let us help you be a champion too.

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