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How to turn relationships into more relationships by turning every lead into a warm introduction

It goes without saying that positive relationships are the most important part of successful selling. (But hey, we just said it anyway.) 

Buyers want to have confidence, trust, and loyalty to those with who they make purchases, or with whom they enter into deals or contracts. That’s a given. 

It’s not the product or service, or even the brand, it’s the person selling that customers buy from and connect with. And since nurturing relationships is such a huge part of a salesperson’s job, it’s no wonder that they love to start off these connections with warm leads and referrals. 

Getting rid of the initial ice breaker? Yes, please. 

It’s all about knowing who knows who

Finding out who knows who at a company can unlock a treasure trove of warm leads for the sales team. Existing relationships are extremely valuable because there is already an element of trust with the customer. So how do we tap into this wealth of customer knowledge and make the most of relationships that already exist?

Your CRM.

If it’s kept up-to-date and accurate, your CRM should be the main resource to reveal who at your organization knows who at which company, what business they’ve done, and data on their buyer behaviours. 

You already have a CRM? Great. So let’s get started.

What if my CRM is chock full of dirty data? 

Oh, you can’t trust your CRM data? You’re not alone.

You say no one’s got time (ahem, six hours per week) to keep it up-to-date by way of daily manual data entry? We’ve definitely heard that one before. It’s bad news-good news time. 

The bad news is, there’s no way you can reveal all of the insights your CRM data has to offer if it’s not clean and accurate on a permanent basis. So you’re really missing out.

The good news is—there’s a tool that can solve your CRM woes. It’s called a Revenue Acceleration tool, and it will help get your CRM to a state where it’s ready to help your company turn relationships into even more relationships by using trustworthy data.

How do I fix my CRM?

How do you change your CRM from a source of woe into a source of trust? First, by automating away the one thing everyone hates to do: manual data entry. 

The automation capabilities of Revenue Acceleration solutions mean that all of your client data can be accurately captured and automatically entered into the CRM through AI tech and machine learning. Data entry automation creates a CRM you can trust with zero time or effort required. No one has to keep up with it on their own, ever again. 

Second, the tool uses AI technology to cleanse your CRM of all its inaccurate data. It then does this on a continuous basis drawing from various sources, meaning the CRM is automatically up-to-date from now on. 

Once you’ve automated and cleansed your CRM, it’s ready to be used to reveal those valuable relationships we just mentioned. With the power of artificial intelligence on your side, you can turn your customer data into concrete direction for increasing sales and boosting retention. 

Now, it’s time to start selling

When automation takes over the mundane work, not only is the sales team free from spending six or more hours per week on boring data entry, but they also now have valuable CRM data to work with to do their jobs better. 

Salespeople can not only focus on selling but can also work with clean data, using it for valuable relationship intelligence. These Revenue Acceleration tools can analyze massive amounts of customer data, from which the machine learning algorithms then discover new revenue opportunities in your CRM by revealing hidden customer insights.

You mean I don’t have to connect the dots myself?

In a word, no. You just have to consider the insights the system is revealing. The Revenue Acceleration tool automatically distributes these actionable insights, suggesting ways to implement them that will give you the optimal chance to boost productivity and performance. 

Essentially, telling you how to turn existing relationships into more relationships. (And more revenue.)

New call-to-action

Back up: What exactly is this “Revenue Acceleration” you speak of? 

Thank you for asking. Revenue Acceleration is the stage in a business when every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. 

There are 4 steps to achieving Revenue Acceleration, and it does’t work unless you do them in order:

  1. The first step is automate. That’s where the tool automates the mundane, manual data entry that’s stopping everyone from using the CRM in the first place—freeing up hours per week for salespeople, like we just talked about.
  1. The second step, cleanse, uses AI technology to sweep your CRM of all its inaccurate data. It then does this on a continuous basis drawing from various sources, making the CRM automatically up-to-date without any effort from the sales team.
  1. The third step is reveal. This is where that valuable relationship intelligence comes into play, revealing who knows who, and what kind of actions the sales team should take.
  1. The fourth step is guide, where the tool is able to use data to influence important selling decisions, identify what makes top performers perform well, and set everyone up with the insights needed to operate at their optimum level. 

When it’s all over, you’ve got a well-oiled team armed with everything they need to boost productivity and performance and grow revenue, relationships, and retention.

Start your journey now

Relationships are the backbone of any solid selling strategy. Get way ahead of the competition by making the most out of your CRM data. Glean valuable relationship intelligence and reveal actionable insights using Revenue Acceleration tools.

Team your CRM up with Introhive to begin your Revenue Acceleration journey. Reach out and let us guide you down the entire path, helping you and your company reach your maximum potential.

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